Yesterday’s Sag full moon (1:30 a.m. pacific) is followed by a two-week period fraught with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Translation: you’ll probably get p.o.’d at something or someone during this time (or have some kind of emotional reaction) if you haven’t already.  But if you’re willing, this experience can lead to a new perspective on an old problem, or several.

Sagittarius is the sign of luck and expansion, so ask yourself : how can this situation can be transformed? Think of alchemy, the transforming of lead, a heavy substance with minimal value in itself, into gold. This process requires presence, skill and a little magic.

Full moons can be a time of magic, in that what is normally shrouded in darkness can be brought to light. This requires the coming together of elements. This full moon had many aspects, so it will not be a boring two weeks. In addition to the sun/moon opposition, we have oppositions from conjunct Mercury and Mars to conjunct Saturn and Pluto. This is what I was talking about when I mentioned getting p.o.’d. It may also be a time to challenge those in positions of authority.

Neptune is heavily aspected as well. Creativity is heightened, as is intuition. Trust your gut feelings now. This is part of the bringing to light.

Of course, full moons are also about whittling away, just as the moon wanes, this phase instructs us to pare down, reduce, release and complete. This particular full moon period will be followed by a Mercury retrograde in early July, which is all the more reason to finish up important projects now.

And because I know you’ll ask…Mercury goes retro on July 7 and will stay retro through July 31. The storm period begins on June 28, which means it’s slowing down. I don’t freak out too much about Mercury retro. It really depends on how transiting Mercury aspects other planets in your natal chart. That’s why we sail through some retro periods, and in others, can’t seem to catch a break. We’ll talk more about this in the next newsletter, but for now, just know it’s time to get a lot done and prepare for anything that needs to be done during the retro.

Oh yeah, and we’ve got the summer solstice this week, too, on June 21. It’s a good time to get quiet and set intentions for the next six months, as well as celebrate your accomplishments of the past six months. Happy summer!

And if you’re in San Diego, I’m having a New Moon Circle on the evening of Tuesday, July 2 to celebrate the Cancer solar eclipse! This is a super-charged new moon which will be followed in two weeks by a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. It’s a wonderful manifestation double-whammy.! And we’ll talk about how to harness these powerful energies over the coming month!

Here are the details: New Moon (Eclipse!) Circle. We’ll discuss planetary happenings for the month, what with two eclipses coming our way, and how to maximize your chances of success in all areas during this time. We’ll also do a groovy, energy-enhancing  manifestation circle and talk about how each of the signs can best navigate the upcoming transits. We’ll have refreshments and snacks.

Date: Tuesday, July 2 at 6:30 p.m. The circle will last about 2 hours.

Where: My house in San Diego (Clairemont area). RSVP to to reserve your spot.

Donation: $20.

Summer Solstice Blessings,