I sit down to write this article a bit late, (the Sagittarius lunar eclipse happened yesterday, Wednesday morning at 4:14 a.m. pacific) and a little tired , but with a lot of anticipation, as I have been feeling a shift in the weather for a few days now, and the breezes of change stirring. My phone has definitely been ringing, as others who are tuned in are feeling it, too. Maybe you have already been presented with an opportunity, or perhaps you can feel that something you’ve hoped for and worked toward for a while is now approaching.

And if you have this feeling, it’s likely that you’ve taken my advice and surrendered at least a little. You’ve moved into allowing. And if you haven’t, this would be a good time to do so, especially since the time around and between eclipses are fraught with unpredictable events and emotional ups and downs.

Add to that a Mercury retro in the tricky, Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini which officially begins on Saturday, but we’re well into the storm period now. The retro goes until June 22, though the rule-of-thumb is to give it another week to get out of the storm.

So we’ve got a Mercury retro in the middle of an eclipse cycle. Which means: have a plan B. Be flexible, be alert for creative solutions that may arise. Be centered. People will be triggered, and they won’t know why.

And in case you wanted a little more drama, we’ve got every planet in this eclipse chart aspecting at least one other planet, so even if you shut yourself in alone and turned off the television, phone and computer for two weeks, drama would probably find you.

But since I put it that way, let’s look at the good news first.

The good news is that if you’re in your body more than in your mind, the ride will be much easier. Neptune and Mars are in favorable aspect. While few of us can afford to do yoga, meditate, take baths, and hike all day, the more time you devote to these type of pursuits, the more insight and creativity will flow to you, and the less you will fall prey to the dramas unfolding around you. So do what you can to stay centered and grounded in your body. Doing one thing at a time as a mindful meditation rather than multitasking can help.

Another positive is Venus and Mercury in nice proximity to each other. While a retro Mercury on it’s own, and in combination with other, more difficult planets, can wreak quite a bit of havoc, Venus’ influence can prevent some communication snafus. If you strive to communicate both truthfully and from a place of love and respect for the other person, a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings and the fallout thereof can be avoided.

And you’ll want to steer clear of all the time-wasting squabbles that you can, as there’s a multitude of ways that these and other dramas can touch down.

Jupiter t-squares the sun and moon, which can bring on greed and excess in those who are prone to these things. Jupiter in this configuration can be too much of a good thing, but the flip side is that good luck can come from seeming misfortune., so don’t rush to judgment. Take a breath and slow down your reactions.

The troublemakers in this eclipse chart include some of the usual suspects. Saturn squaring Uranus has been with us for a while, in fact I will go so far as to say that this aspect has been a big part of the disinformation cycle, as Uranus relates to zealotry and fanaticism, while Saturn is the old guard: traditions, norms and the powers-that-be. People who want to fight the power just for the sake of doing so will be emboldened now. But on the other side, so will the powers. We’ve already seen a lot of warfare, but that could ramp up now.

And if you are thinking about confronting the boss, this may not be the wisest course of action right now. Instead, use this time to build your case. Have discussions, but do this from a very centered place. A good guideline here is: don’t enter into talks with anyone you are having trouble feeling empathy for. If you can’t put yourself in their shoes, delay the discussion until you can or until Mercury goes direct.

That said, if a work relationship really isn’t working out and you need to go over someone’s head and have words with a higher-up, that may well be favored. But again, it will help to be centered and respectful above all.

Remember that the two weeks following a full moon is a great time to shift habits, especially in the direction of reduction and elimination. De-clutter, detox, release, etc. If you do this with an eye to clearing your path toward the grand vision, you may see many opportunities arise on that path when we get to the June 10 Gemini Solar Eclipse. We’ll talk more about that as it gets closer.

And if you’d like to find out exactly what activities will be most beneficial for you right now, let’s take a look at where these eclipses fall in your chart, and how to maximize your success by working with these powerful energies!



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