A new moon can do much for one’s spirits. It can be a time of renewal and respite from difficulties. Mercury will exit its storm period after a particularly dramatic retrograde cycle. This bodes well for a less-drama-filled Thanksgiving than in previous years. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid.

But let’s start with where we are now. Mercury retro just ended yesterday, November 20. It will take until November 25 to exit the storm period and get back up to speed. Early on Tuesday, November 26, we will have a much-needed new moon in lighthearted Sagittarius. Just in time for a holiday traditionally spent with family.

In fact, when the sun enters Sagittarius tomorrow, Friday morning, many of us will feel the shift starting.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a fair amount of drama come up during this deep, dark Scorpio Mercury retro, not the least of which has been family drama. And next Thursday, I will sit at a table with members of a family that is quite divided in its political, religious and other beliefs. So it will be nice not to have Mercury retro muddying the waters even more.

And because a new moon is the definition of the sun and moon in harmony, we’ll have that influence as well. And while this particular new moon is not perfect, its lighter tone can do much to disperse some of the heavy Scorpio energy still lingering. Mercury, though direct, will still be in fixed Scorpio, as will Mars, the planet of aggression, opposite Uranus, the planet of upset. So although it goes without saying, it might be best to steer clear of discussing certain matters with those who have very rigid beliefs in said areas.

Sensitivity, also, will be heightened, with Neptune going direct on Wednesday, November 27. So, on the other hand, don’t be too attached to your own beliefs that you will be upset by disagreement. Yes, be mindful. Be sensitive to others’ feelings and expect that no one’s mind will be changed at the dinner table.

And speaking of Neptune, a Mercury/Neptune trine early on Thanksgiving day will bring insights, perhaps in the form of lucid or prophetic dreams. So pay attention to your hunches, ideas and subtle feelings around this time, and indeed for the two weeks following the new moon.

Another good thing about this moon is that it captures a Venus/Jupiter conjunction just after a sign-change which could take the right relationships from fun to serious. Venus moves from carefree, non-committal Sagittarius to traditional Capricorn, and with Sagittarian Jupiter still close enough to magnify Venus’ good fortune. I won’t be surprised to hear of new engagements during this time.

This new moon is a positive one for manifestation, new beginnings and intention-setting. Think about expansion, education, and travel. What would you like to see in these areas over the next month? Work for it over the next month, and Venus in Capricorn will see to it that progress is made.

So there you have it. This new moon will be one of the most positive moons of the year. I hope you enjoy the change it brings, and that you have a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

Abundant Blessings,


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