Because I’m a Capricorn, born under the rulership of the taskmaster Saturn, I’ve come to develop an affinity for the planet of discipline, restriction and routine. But Saturn and I haven’t always been BFFs. No, in fact it was long after my Saturn return that I began to realize that this heavy-hitter is actually pretty easy to please.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about the Saturn return. This is one of my favorite transits to look at, especially now since I’m well past my own first one, and I’ve got a while to go before the second one. Every 29.5 years, Saturn makes a full loop, so give or take a little time for retro cycles, that’s how long it takes for Saturn to return to the exact place it was at the time of your birth. And when it comes back for this first pass, it can be a time of reckoning. But the good news about Saturn returns is that if you do the first one right, the second is easier, because what Saturn wants most is for us to grow up.

Which brings me to the easy-to-please part. Well, maybe let’s call it simple to please, not exactly easy. Saturn is the planet of adulting, and some days it’s not so easy to achieve this state of being. But Saturn likes to see tasks being achieved, and much of what pleases the god of responsibility is incremental progress. Having a plan and working that plan step-by-step is a good way to get in Saturn’s good graces.

And this is a good time to be on the right side of Saturn, as it goes direct today, Wednesday, in it’s home sign, Capricorn, after a nearly 5-month retro spell. It’s like your boss coming back from a long vacation. Time to get back to work, or if you’ve been plugging away all along, it’s time to up your game. Saturn also rules ambition, so it’s a good time to be seen doing good, and asking for a raise or promotion is favored, too, as long as you’ve earned it and can make a good argument for why you deserve it. Jupiter is also direct now, which is the reward part of the equation, and it had been retro for nearly as long, so it’s a good time to revisit ambitions that seemed stalled within the last five months.

One of Saturn’s favorite things to do is to look back on your progress, and/or lack thereof with an evaluative eye. Kind of like a mid-year performance review. And a great time to do this is the fall equinox (Monday, September 23), which is a time of harvesting, as well as looking at those crops that didn’t fare as well as planned. What new solutions can be implemented? How can I shift my perception in this area? What have I been resisting? These are all great questions to ask.

Another thing Saturn excels at: planning. The fall equinox is the perfect time to look forward for the purpose of  formulating a practical plan and envisioning and energetically manifesting our intentions. Neptune, the planet that rules spiritual processes is in favorable aspect to Saturn as we approach the equinox. And Saturn’s conjunction to the South node of the moon during its retro cycle has also helped us to look inward and receive insights and direction. What has your higher self been telling you to do over the last few months? It’s a good time to get started on that.

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