If you’ve had some plans and goals on hold for a while, good news arrives tomorrow, September 6 in the form of a direction change for Saturn, the planet of goals, career and discipline. Saturn has been in retro motion since mid-April. So it’s a good time to look at what you were trying to get done then, particularly anything that wasn’t clicking around that time. It may be that its time has come!

And perhaps the recent 3-eclipse cycle has given you some clarity as to how to go about pursuing your dreams and goals in ways that you haven’t thought of until now.

Revisiting your goals and reassessing your progress is also a good thing to do when Saturn energies are prominent. If you remember, we had a recent grand trine with the sun, Saturn and Uranus. Now Mercury has moved into the mix, which favors communications as well as hard work and brilliant ideas. And speaking of Virgo, as of today, Wednesday, it’s now in the most orderly of the signs it rules, Virgo. So anything you messed up during the recent Mercury retro can probably be repaired now.

There is very little that is perfect in astrology, as in life, as one planet is often challenging another even during the best of times, but as far as being “in the clear”, we’re pretty close, especially after Sunday’s Virgo new moon, which is great for getting things in order, and attending to the details. Even if you have fabulously ambitious dreams and plans, now is the time to put those practical foundations underneath them. It’s also a good time to enlist support in doing so. Virgo loves helping others, so doing a bit of volunteer work over the next few weeks is favored. Spiritual activities will also be well-rewarded, especially those related to health and healing. Transformative insights can be had during the next two weeks.

Where might we have challenges this week? Well, both Neptune and Venus are challenged, so love and romance may hit a bump or two. Expecting too much from your partner could make the weekend challenging, with a sun-Neptune opposition on Friday–use it for creativity, yoga, meditation and humanitarian work and you’ll do well–and a Venus-Mars square on Saturday. Lovers could come into conflict for even the smallest misstep. Be mindful and gracious. It’s not the time for that big relationship talk if you can help it. And, yes, these aspects are happening close enough to the new moon to keep resounding over the next two weeks.

But overall, it’s a fortunate time, which is favorable to action, but especially to action with inspiration and intuition mixed in. Timing is of the essence under Saturn influences, so feel it out and trust rather than trying too hard. A good rule of thumb is: if it wants to be done, it will feel right and perhaps synchronicity will chime in to help things along.


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