A Scorpio full moon is, by definition, a powerhouse, as Scorpio is the sign of power. And because it’s also the sign of transformation, and because of the interaction between powerful planets, a lot of change will occur in the two weeks following tonight’s (8:31 p.m. pacific) full moon. Let’s talk about how to use these energies to create the kind of change you would like to experience.

There are many factors contributing to the dramatic nature of this full moon. The first, of course, is that it is a full moon, which means that the sun and moon are directly opposed. And, as I just mentioned, it’s a full moon in powerful, transformational Scorpio, which also has a vindictive side.

Another factor is 2021’s definitive transit: Saturn square Uranus. This aspect figures prominently in tonight’s full moon chart as the sun is conjunct Uranus, creating even more emotional tension with the moon. Saturn is tradition, routine, rules and discipline. Uranus is revolution, upheaval and disruption, but it can also be brilliance and breakthroughs.

In the bigger picture, this is playing out as political and ideological clashes, religious zealotry and other forms of fanaticism coming to a head. And of course these tensions show up in our families, friendships, and workplaces. But the question this transit poses is how will we make change, because change is coming one way or another. How will we work with it and work through it?

Last year, with its Saturn/Pluto conjunction, brought us more clarity on the nature of the changes that need to be made. And we have begun to make these changes in many important ways. Think about it. I’ll bet you can list several important changes that you have made as a result of last year’s difficulties.

But there are still changes to be made. And we have arrived at a perfect full moon for making these shifts.

What is transformation? It’s a question that is central to the work I do as a coach and counselor. Oftentimes, we think of transformation as a complete redo. Think of the reality shows in which an “extreme makeover” occurs. It’s gutting a house and putting in all new walls, structures and fixtures. But it’s also the small shift that has us looking at things differently.

Say you wake up feeling cruddy about a series of events that happened the day before, as well as a slew of things that haven’t happened yet. And you choose to do a meditation to shift your energy, and you don’t get up from your meditation seat until you feel a little better, more peaceful. It’s a tiny transformation that can create a string of better events, opening up opportunities that wouldn’t have been available to you in your grumpy state, and makes for a much better day.

Then say you chose to do a similar meditation throughout the day, every time you felt your energy drift toward the crud. Maybe just a minute or two. Maybe you’re driving and you can’t even close your eyes. You just become very present and focus on your breathing. Another tiny transformation.

And, yes, sometimes it takes a bit more. Sometimes a conscious breakdown is necessary. I will go over this process again in my next article, but it is simply being with the emotion until it shifts, then, crucially, remembering that you’ve shifted it next time the emotion is habitually triggered.

I mention all this because sh*t is definitely going to happen between this moon and the next. Maybe it has already started. My husband and I just had our little tiff that we tend to revisit around each full moon. We have been moving through this process much quicker in recent months. When you notice what is likely to occur, and realize that you won’t change the external event or the other person in that moment, or with your “old” response, you begin to meet it differently.

So here’s what to do to be the author of the change you want to experience. Remember that the two weeks following a full moon are best for completions, clearing and reducing. Yes, cut that thing you’ve been meaning to cut out of your diet, or bring more noticing to that habit you’ve been wanting to quit, each time you feel the urge to indulge, asking yourself what you are truly wanting in that moment. Is it distraction? Comfort? Validation? And how else might you meet that need? And if you do engage in the behavior, do it with extreme consciousness. Shine the light on it. See how your experience of it is different.

Another thing about this full moon is that the moon is out there on it’s own, the only aspects to it are oppositions. Ouch. The moon is our emotions. It can’t so easily reach for a friend or co-miserator. But that’s another way to transformation, when we sit with the emotion rather than reaching for the thing that makes it easier to keep going through the cycles of misery. Down time and alone time can be very productive in this way.

And, yet another thing: it’s the last full moon before an eclipse cycle, so if things don’t shift now, they will move more dramatically later. All the more reason to roll with the changes that are wanting to happen. Use the aforementioned downtime to go within and listen for what needs to shift.

Oh yeah, and there’s a Mercury retro coming. I think I gave you a heads-up last time, but although it’s about a month off (official dates: May 29 – June 22) it’s a good thing to get things in order now. Which brings me to Saturn.

As always, when Saturn is involved, which is pretty much going to be par-for-the-course this year, playing by Saturn’s rules: discipline, time management (I like to use timers to show Saturn I’m on task), routine and ritual, will make everything easier, even and especially if you are working on something brilliant or world-changing.

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