I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a Scorpio full moon can only bring us closer to truth. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation. And Pluto has been working overtime recently, vibing other heavyweights like Saturn and Jupiter. So could today’s Scorpio full moon (3:45 a.m. pacific) be the tipping point we need?

Pluto factors heavily in this full moon chart, as it is still close enough to Jupiter to be called a conjunction. And Pluto has recently gone retrograde, which gives us the opportunity to review the transformational lessons it has taught us, especially since early October of last year when it last went direct. Since then we have had a Pluto/Saturn conjunction which has rocked the world. And now we literally have a “down time” in which to reflect on these lessons, and to keep learning while the karmic giant ‘sleeps’. Spiritual growth and uncovering truth will be easier now, as Pluto retro can give us a hunger for deeper learning, and allow us more breathing space between trigger and response.

What is the truth? This is something to meditate on now. What is true in your own life? And what is true in the larger world? This goes beyond our narrow partisan politics and bickering. Many will say that the divide in this country is very deep, and I would have agreed with that until recently. Now, the closer I look, the shallower it seems. Not that people can’t hold grudges for long periods of time based on shallow things. Which brings me to the other, much pettier side of Scorpio, the grudging, resentful and jealous side. Too many people will let this dominate them.

Pluto’s mission is to wake us up. We have a choice to make now about who we are going to be. Will we stand in our true power, or will we give up our power for a smaller, more immediate ‘victory’? I have seen this lesson arise time and time again in my sessions over the past month. And now it is coming into sharper focus with this moon.

We need only look back to the last full moon a month ago to see where we need to open to greater understanding. What triggered you then? Chances are it will come back just to check on you. But if you’re prepared, there’s a good chance you’ll avoid some of the drama we had at the Libra full moon.

Another planet that factors prominently in this full moon chart is Mercury, which conjoins the sun, putting the spotlight on communications for the next two weeks. And wouldn’t you know it, Mercury also contacts Pluto with a nice trine, which makes me think that we can achieve a lot now through powerful, directed and deliberate communication.

But that’s not all. I mentioned that Pluto is now retrograde (as of April 25), but several other planets are going retro in the next two week period, the first being Saturn on May 10. Saturn, as you’ll recall, has been a huge influence in the events of the last year, most recently for its fateful conjunction with Pluto that happened in January, coinciding with the emergence of COVID-19 on the global stage. And Saturn has been pretty prominent recently, as it has been in its ruling sign of Capricorn.

Two other retrogrades follow, both Venus (May 12- June 24) and Jupiter (May 14- September 12) are associated with money, so it follows that major financial decisions should be put off, especially during the time these retros overlap. Venus is also the planet of love, so relationships may also be affected. Remember that Pluto’s retro will help you see your triggers more clearly. So be mindful. Take the high road, as others will likely be triggered by a variety of factors. Jupiter’s retro can slow down economic progress, but what else is new? Doing things in new ways will be required now. And it’s okay to put things that are not working on the shelf for a while. It doesn’t mean you’re out of luck, just that luck will come through different channels and may be delayed. Jupiter is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, so be disciplined and conservative in all aspects of your finances. If you want to move money or take a big (calculated) risk, maybe do it before these retros, and especially Jupiter’s.

Remember, the time around a full moon is favorable to releasing things that no longer serve you. The two weeks following a full moon are good for detoxing, dieting, de-cluttering and cleaning.

But most of all, this is a time to find and discern what is true. Pluto wants us to wake up and step into our power. Meditate on what that means for you. How can you react differently and do things in a new way?

We’ll talk more about this around the new moon. I will be hosting a New Moon Circle on May 22 at 6:00 p.m. pacific via Zoom. Admission will be a $20 donation to Feeding America. Please email me to RSVP.



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