Friday’s Taurus lunar eclipse (12:57 a.m. pacific) brings us a major opportunity to clear out all the cobwebs before the end of the year. And with the sun in powerful, intense Scorpio, we are talking about healing the core wounds and transforming from the inside out. I know, I know. If you’re anything like me, you’re saying “I’ve been doing that sh– for years!” But I’m willing to bet that our interesting new moon a couple weeks ago brought up at least one thing that’s been getting in your way.

Maybe it is something large, or maybe it’s something seemingly small, like how you react to a certain thing, for example, haughty emails from self-proclaimed experts. Yup, that’s one of my bugaboos. But anything that causes an out-of-proportion response is a bugaboo that qualifies.

Put it through the paces. Yes, I’m going to reference my Conscious Breakdown article again. But with the sun and moon opposing each other in Scorpio and Taurus, the most fixed of fixed signs, in dramatic eclipse fashion, we can’t afford not to clear out some stubborn beliefs and their behavioral patterns. Seriously. It’s the thing you get the most control-freaky about. Use the eclipse energy like a lever to pop it loose and send it off like a champagne cork!

Same goes for anything else that’s getting in your way. Clutter? Time-wasting habits? Financial drains such as automatic charges for a service you no longer use? Make some space! Saturn will thank you for it by going a little easier on you. Yep, Saturn is one of the troublemakers in this moon cycle. But that’s only to the extent that you make or have made trouble that can come back to bite you now. That’s why I suggest some physical, emotional and spiritual housekeeping to celebrate the lunar eclipse, and a sustained effort in this direction over the next two weeks as the moon wanes.

Mars is another wild card here, challenging both Saturn and Uranus. Anger is a definite factor. Try to steer clear of the angry birds you know. Hopefully, you won’t be sitting down with too many of them for Thanksgiving, but if you have to, remember to be mindful, and know that they may feel at the mercy of external forces now. If sudden anger is one of your bugaboos, there’s a good chance you’ll get the opportunity to work at releasing some of it during this time.

There is some good news, too. Pluto, the planet of transformation is well-aspected, so if we look at everything as opportunity now, positive shifts in perspective that can bring on great change are highly probable.

Venus, too, bears good news. The planet of love and money is also the planet of fairness and balance. Peacemakers and love-mongers will do well now, as Mars and Venus are favorably aspected. Just make sure you are directing your efforts to a worthy cause.

The cool thing about a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse is that if you work with the energy of the moons, using this time to first reconnect with your vision, then to identify what you would like to release so that you can move forward, when the solar eclipse arrives, there is a burst of energy that you can use for launching something important to you. You may even begin to see signs that the wheels are turning in the direction of your vision. Keep going.

And remember that everything is opportunity. That annoying email. That rude person in the parking lot. The irritating thing your partner won’t stop doing. This is a good time to shift your focus and energy. Surrender is another keyword that applies here.

The world is changing, too. I’ve been saying this for a while, and also that I think it is changing for the better. But change doesn’t happen all at once…until it does. That’s where eclipses come in. Things get shaken up, leveled even. From there, new structures can be built. We will likely see some painful and important change in the world during this time, and through mid-December following the solar eclipse. Things that have been held up often bust loose during eclipse cycles. Secrets come out, particularly when Scorpio is involved as it is in this one.

If your birthday is near this eclipse, this will be an important year for you as it is for President Biden, whose birthday falls on November 20, the day following the lunar eclipse. And even if your fate is not as closely tied to the fate of the world, I would give you the same advice: let this eclipse shake you and wake you, be brave and live your truth like never before. This will be one of your most consequential years one way or the other. Get in the driver’s seat and leave nothing to chance.

That’s good advice for most of us, but we all might want to cool our jets for a few days following the eclipse, and wait to be moved rather than force change. We’ll talk soon about the solar eclipse, but for now know that it can be a fabulous new beginning if you work with the energy of the lunar eclipse and use it to activate (or re-activate) your grand vision, then clear anything that may be blocking it.

And if you really want to rock it, I’ve got a new Creating Abundance by the Moon Series coming up on THIS Friday, November 19, just in time for a super-powerful eclipse cycle!

We will meet around the Taurus Lunar Eclipse (November 19), Sagittarius Solar Eclipse (December 3) and Gemini full moon (December 17) all Friday evenings via Zoom!

This will be a special one, and here’s why:

Eclipses are the queen bee moons. They are moons on steroids. They always come in with some fanfare, and they pack more of a punch than regular moons in terms of drama and movement.

Let’s harness this fabulous energy for creation and forward motion! We will do fabulous manifestations, healing releases and open to and receive more guidance and clarity.

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