Wow. Tomorrow’s Taurus new moon (12:00 p.m. Tuesday) has all the elements of a good new moon and then some.

So what makes for a good new moon? Well, the new moon is a time for creating, launching new things into the world, and it’s also a time of renewal and re-committing to vision. Vibes are more harmonious around a new moon, so it’s a good time for socializing and relationships in general. It’s a great time for manifesting. What you send out powerfully at the new moon can begin to grow faster, in the same way that hair cut around a new moon will grow faster than hair cut at a full moon.

Anything that adds to the experience of flow, being in the zone, smooth working conditions ,and the like, are elements of a good new moon. And Taurus likes to work, attend to practical and health-related matters, and be creative.

So, I’m particularly excited about tomorrow’s new moon, as not only does it contain all these elements. but it also brings in some yogic Neptunian vibes which will be helpful in spiritual and meditative pursuits, as well as out-of-the-box creative ones, and which will heighten intuition. Ideas which can be immediately put into action will add another dimension to the amped-up creativity of this moon, as Mars and Neptune are in favorable aspect. Be on the lookout for the insight that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Be sure to take notes, as they will fade as quickly as they appear. Same with ideas and solutions that come in dreams.

Another thing that should make this new moon and the two weeks that follow more effective and focused is the specter of Mercury retro, which will begin on May 29 and go until June 22. And we also have an eclipse cycle coming up, which oftentimes causes more disruption and breakdown. So the next two weeks should be focused on getting work done, new launches, new ideas, and creative projects as well as financial business.

Which brings me to the troublemakers. Remember that we still have the disruptive Saturn/Uranus square hanging over us, so taking care of practical details is highly favored right now when the sun is shining. The eclipse cycle beginning in two weeks will be powerful, but very dramatic, and much less predictable.

The only other square in this new moon’s chart is between Venus and Jupiter. But how bad could that be? Both are benefic planets, so the only danger is in excess or buying into things too-good-to-be-true. If you keep your wits about you, particularly in the areas of love and money, you should be fine. Check in with your gut before making big purchases, loans or commitments.

But overall, the two weeks leading up to the lunar eclipse on May 26 should be harmonious and productive, with extra intuitive garnishes. Enjoy, and make full use of the sunshine, as less-predictable weather is in the forecast.

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