Friday’s 28 degree Taurus new moon (8:53 a.m. pacific) could be the new start you’ve been waiting for.

Yep, after an intense eclipse cycle coupled with a confusing Mercury retro, we’re moving into a nicer bit of planetary weather for most. And the two weeks following a new moon is a great time to start new projects or hit the reset button on older ones.

A new moon, by definition, restores harmony, as the sun and moon cozy up after a period of drifting apart. And it helps when other planets play nice, as most of them do in the chart of this new moon.

The predominant aspect of Friday’s new moon is the friendly sextile. Many who were inclined to stay home, opt out and seek refuge from the eclipse cycle/Mercury retro in alone time will begin to feel a bit more social and energetic. We also have a few highly fortunate trines, and a nice couple of conjunctions.

Even the more challenging aspects aren’t that challenging when all is said and done because Jupiter is involved. And speaking of the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter just moved into Taurus. This is good news for everyone who likes creativity, talents, money and the earth. But it’s especially lucky for Taurus affiliates and other earthy types. For one, this Capricorn sun/Virgo moon native could not be happier about a yearlong transit of Jupiter through the sign of the bull.

So where is Taurus in your chart? In what area will you find luck, and what actions will bring most luck and expansion, starting at this new moon and going forward for the next year?

In looking at the charts of football players to analyze a game, one of the things I learned is that Jupiter transits, especially transiting Jupiter aspecting one’s natal Jupiter, are the luckiest transits one can have. So you bet I’m going to use the upcoming Jupiter transits in my chart to set out a few ships to sail. And you should, too, as these opportunities come along quite rarely, as Jupiter is one of the slower-moving planets, taking a year to transit a sign.

But let’s go though some of the transits. First, although Pluto and Mars are opposed, creating a t-square with Jupiter, both planets are playing nice with almost everybody else. And Jupiter, which, as I’ve mentioned, isn’t really a bad thing once all is said and done, as Jupiter is all good, even with challenging aspects.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is friendly with Neptune, which powers up intuition and spiritual growth. And the lord of karma, as it’s also known, plays nice with the sun/moon conjunction, bringing power to your plans to change yourself and the world.

Mars also likes Neptune this time around. Is your grand vision a career that is spiritual and/or creative in nature? If so, put your efforts toward its expansion now. The sun and moon are also shining on your work and vision. Whoo-hoo!

Of course the one exception to this is the too-much-of-a-good-thing problem. Those who are prone to excess in any area often encounter Jupiter problems. But mostly, Jupiter is good news, as are most Jupiter transits.

And the Mars/Pluto opposition may be a bit of a problem. A lot of this occurs on the larger scale, with big moves by companies, government offices and powerful individuals. Remember, Jupiter is at the apex of the t-square, so those who’ve had too much of a good thing may be getting their comeuppance now, especially after the eclipse cycle shined the light on misdeeds, as I predicted in my last newsletter.

Most likely we’ll see a couple more big companies and/or financial institutions go bankrupt or otherwise kaput in the wake of the eclipses. Look out for takeovers and mergers as well. Scores of jobs will be moved around, with some sectors cutting back and others booming.

OK, here’s something I’ve talked about in previous posts: the north node. The north node is the indicator of purpose in a chart. If you know the sign, house and aspects of your north node, you know not only your purpose but how best to pursue your grandest vision as well as where your support will come from.

Well, in this new moon’s chart, the north node is sandwiched between Mercury and Jupiter, making this time (particularly if you learned and took to heart the mastery of your eclipse lessons) fortuitous for making bold moves in the direction of your purpose and vision, and for influencing others in this direction through your communications.

Of course, the more positively aspected these planets are to your own planets, the better. But wow. Many new businesses and careers will be launched and many more will expand their reach. Remember, the two weeks following a new moon is a time for new starts and growth-related endeavors.

Saturn, the lord of discipline, is even playing nice now with a friendly aspects to Mercury and Venus. Do the work you say you want to do, and be focused, certain and deliberate now. Be accountable to yourself and others.

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Don’t forget, I’m having a moon circle this Friday evening only for Patreon peeps. This is the best new moon in a long time, thanks to the recent eclipse cycle, to power- up your grand vision and super-charge your intentions!

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