Tomorrow’s Taurus new moon (7:26 p.m. pacific) will bring some relief from the drama and trauma of the last two weeks under the Libra full moon’s influence. But it wasn’t all bad news. We also had a lucky Jupiter/Pluto meet-up earlier this month that is still with us, so if you haven’t had a life-altering idea or a hoped-for return on something you’ve offered to the world, it could be on the way.

As I mentioned in my last article, the Libra full moon brought us all kinds of drama. We have only to watch the news to see that more confusion and division was sowed over the past two weeks. And I’d be willing to bet that somehow, personal dramas unfolded for just about everyone reading this, including those of us working from home or not working and seeing few others now. I won’t go over all the influences again (see my last post for details), but there were quite a few, a little “something for everyone”.

While this new moon period is not without its challenges, I do believe that we’ll all be able to reboot a little, and find some creative ways to make a few new starts both in your personal life and in the way you experience the world.

One place to make a new start could be in your love life. This new moon captures a Mars/Venus trine, a very favorable aspect between the male and female love planets. This is especially true if you’ve had some ups and downs in your relationship in the past two weeks. Look at your reactions and any repeating patterns that arose, and start by thinking about what changes you will make there.

And because Venus is also the money goddess, and Mars is the planet of action, another way to make a new start would be in business and career. Could this be the time to launch a dream that has been on the back-burner for a while?

Uranus also figures prominently in this new moon chart, which means your new project or pursuit could actually come as a response to current events or could be driven by what people need now. Uranus is also the internet, social media and all manner of cutting edge technology and philosophy. Ask yourself what you are drawn to explore now.

One challenging transit that shows up in the new moon chart is a Saturn square to the sun/moon conjunction. This brings up difficulties that require a reasoned and disciplined response. And perhaps solutions will come from looking at things from different angles. We’ve had some practice with this over the last two weeks. And I hope you had at least one instance in which you surprised yourself by responding in a new way to an old problem.

Yes, we are in the midst of a very precarious time. Disagreements about what should be done to deal with COVID-19 abound. News and information comes from so many sources, it’s difficult to know what or who to trust. And we all are blinded somewhat by our own political biases. This would be a good time to examine beliefs and seek out information from different sources.

But let’s all keep our reason and intuition close by. As always, I recommend meditation and mindful activities interspersed throughout the day. Another aspect that could bring trouble is a Venus/Neptune square, which could be tricky especially in the areas of love and money. For those of you who are single, I still think this is a good time to meet potential suitors online, as the social distancing guidelines make for a longer courtship and give more time than most typically take to get to know someone without meeting. But this aspect may cause rosy vision in some instances, or more susceptibility to believing what you want to believe about a prospect. Similarly, this goes for purchases as well as scams, which are sure to emerge now, so keep your wits about you. This is an emotional time for everyone, and even more volatile for those who are not in touch with their emotions. We’re seeing a lot of that on the streets and on social media. Nonetheless, I’m sure you have seen, as I have, many people out there attempting to bridge the divide in small, meaningful ways.

And some of the good news we talked about around the time of the full moon carries over into the new moon’s chart. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is still strong enough to bring benefits from standing in your power, transforming the way you work, react, communicate, etc. And as I mentioned in my last post, pushing out of your comfort zone, and re-inventing yourself now are favored. And the new moon brings more opportunity to move forward, so if you’re thinking about it, don’t wait. Don’t feel you have to do it perfectly, just take the first step.

Speaking of Pluto, the planet of transformation will go retro on Saturday, which will give us opportunities to process the lessons we have learned recently, especially since the last retro period ended last October. And spiritual lessons are often “easier” to deal with when Pluto is retro.

Yes, the world has become a scarier place recently, but the current crisis we are facing is revealing to us where we need to strengthen, and what is truly important. It’s a good time to meditate on what your role is in all of this, as well as what kind of world you would like to live in. What kind of messages do you want to share on social media. How can you help, whether that is to give information, resources, support or just be there for others (although you may have to stand a little apart). And remember to support small businesses!

And since I can’t have my regular new moon circle, I’m doing a virtual one tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22 at 7:00 p.m. pacific on live on my Facebook page. I hope to see you there!

New Moon Blessings,


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