Yesterday’s Taurus new moon ushered in an interesting two weeks in which creativity can flourish and new ideas may seem to come out of nowhere. One of the reasons for this is that right after the 4:48 a.m. sun/moon conjunction (new moon), Uranus, the planet of change, disruption and innovation moved into Taurus. Uranus is one of the slower-moving planets, and a heavy-hitter, as the changes it brings often occur in big ways. Uranus will be in the sign of the bull for seven years, which may portend earth changes, and most likely big economic changes. But the short-term influence of this transit may feel more like a strong desire to make the big shift that you’ve been contemplating, and/or a stronger-than-normal restlessness with the way things are. While Taurus is not usually the most impulsive sign, if you’ve been planning your change for a while, new signs may emerge, pointing in unexpected directions.

This new moon also captures some interesting, positive aspects that can help with motivation and productivity. For one, Mercury trines Saturn in Taurus and Capricorn, respectively, which can have these two “work” planets working nicely together. Balance and discipline are key, as is restraint. Err on the side of saying less as opposed to more in business situations. Focus on practical concerns, and make those around you feel safe and secure.

On the other hand, Jupiter is also nicely aspected by both Neptune (spirituality, unconditional love, illusion) and Pluto (power, transformation). Meditation and deep inner work can pay off during this time, especially with Pluto retrograde, which makes personal growth a bit more easy to come by, as problems are closer to the surface. And some will get very lucky in love! Water-sign affiliates: be your sensitive, nurturing selves, and wear your creativity on your sleeve. Kindred spirits can be found now, though pretenders will also be out in force. Trust your intuition, particularly if someone’s saying what you want to hear too early in the game.

Mars catches a couple of squares, to Mercury and Uranus, which make challenging people more challenging. Listen for common triggers. Trolls should be fairly easy to spot now. Try not to play into their dramas.

Overall, a new moon brings a softer, more harmonious energy. And Taurus loves to enjoy life’s pleasures, so plan a few nice dinners, nature walks, and cultural excursions. I love the gust of motivation that comes in with this new moon. Go where you’re drawn, even if it seems a little risky, or none-too-practical. Be okay with taking a meandering path. If you’re really tuning into your intuition, it will lead you in the right direction eventually. When the Sagittarius full moon arrives on May 29, you’ll probably have put many of the puzzle pieces in place. Adventure and more excitement is on the way, as the Sag/Gemini combo loves fun, travel and learning. But for now, there’s no need to hurry, so don’t be taken in by “act fast” claims. With Taurus, slow and steady really does win the race.