Tuesday’s full moon at 17 degrees Virgo is all about the sexy stuff…

You know, housecleaning, organizing, combing through financial records to get your tax receipts in order.

Yeah, no. Try as I may, I can’t put the lipstick on a Virgo full moon. Unless you think it’s sexy to have your house clean, taxes filed, office organized, and the like. Ok, I kinda do.

Because we can’t always be 24-hour party people. Even the Leo moons have to come down once in a while 🙂

And there is business that needs to be attended to. The good news is that almost everyone feels the need to get something done in the two weeks following a Virgo moon. And the stuff that keeps jumping from one day to the next on your to-do list may find you in a more attentive frame of mind now.

Of course, we may have to get over the hump of the actual full moon first, because there’s rarely such a thing as a full moon without any tension.

And this one has people squabbling over…you guessed it, the small stuff. Nitpickers gonna pick right now. You’ve probably already felt it over the last day or so. Or may it’s you that’s more sensitive to the small stuff.

Here are a few Virgo pet peeves. Let me know if you’ve experienced any of these: small exchanges that niggle at you more than they “should”: unethical or unmannerly behavior bothering you more than usual, lower than usual b.s. tolerance, more unease around disarray of any sort.

But here’s some good news about this full moon and the following two weeks: changes of all sorts are easier to make now. Want to take a small step or a larger leap? Maybe this is your time. Especially if fear has had you putting off a change that needs to be made. And especially if that change has to do with paring or chopping away what is no longer serving you.

Uranus is the planet of disruption, change and the grand vision, and the aspects to this heavy-hitter are very positive. Now is the time to cut away what is not serving your grand vision for your life. The question right now is: What do I need to let go of in order to live my very best life? A word of caution here: don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish. And don’t do this out of fear or with fear. Be honest with yourself and others when making these changes.

A Virgo moon is all about integrity, which is all about the parts of a whole functioning cohesively. In what area of your life do you need a tune-up?

Virgo is the sign of health. So any dietary regimen aimed at reducing or eliminating consumption of unhealthy food, drink or other substances is doubly favored and more likely to be successful if undertaken now.

More good news? Relationships can be strengthened now. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct, and in friendly aspect to Mars. Reach out to your true friends. Be extra supportive of your partner. Almost everyone is reaching for the next level in some way. Virgo is the servant of the zodiac. Another good question to ask is: How may I best be of service?

And try not to take it personally if others lash out a bit around the full moon. Virgo gives us the necessary detachment to do the work of helping others to do the work it takes to heal. If you are an empath or a healer, realize that you may be called upon and pushed away in equal measure. Know that some will be ready to make the changes that they are being called to make and some will be too uncomfortable to do so. Virgo is the sign of work. So focus on those who are showing up and doing the work. And ask yourself: What is the work I’m being called to do now? Then go about it joyfully, tying each small task to your larger purpose.

Full Moon Blessings,


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