OK, before we get into talking about next Saturday’s Virgo full moon (4:30 a.m. pacific), I want to ask you a question.

Have you done all of your “token starts” to insure that your dragon year is off to a fabulous start?

Remember how I said to let the two weeks following the Aquarius new moon be a model for all the things you want to accomplish during the upcoming year? And how if you do a little bit of work on each important area, you would be telling the dragon where to bring the opportunity, synchronicity, luck, love, money, etc.?

So, are you on track to put a token into each of these jars?

Me, not so much. I got a cold, and my favorite thing to do when I have a cold is nothing, or as close to that as I can. But, it’s not too late. Even if you were as lazy as I have been. Between now and Saturday, I can bust out quite a few of them. Because I am determined to rock the dragon year!

Anybody else with me?

Alright, let’s talk Virgo full moon. It’s actually one of my favorite full moons…

And an odd thing happened when I logged into my website to write the article for this moon.

The article I wrote for a previous Virgo full moon came up. So I read it again, and thought, damn, this was a good article.

Here’s one passage that I’d forgotten about writing: A Virgo moon is all about integrity, which is all about the parts of a whole functioning cohesively.

I’ll come back to that in a minute, because first we must tackle the predominant Virgo stereotype as the housekeeper of the zodiac.

I was born under a Virgo moon, and for most of my life, I freakin’ hated housecleaning. It was only after my “the-moon-not-your-sun-is-your-true-self” epiphany that I began to embrace the detail-oriented, organizational, and order-loving aspects of myself. Notice how I said order-loving rather than chore-loving.

But I had to admit that there’s a part of me that loves getting stuff done, and more than that, checking off items on the to-do list. And because I’m a Virgo moon person, I always have a list.

And while I still don’t love mopping floors or scrubbing dishes, I do like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, which I do while I complete household tasks. And I really like the feeling of accomplishment (however fleeting) after cleaning and clearing a space, as well as the relaxing effect that order promotes.

In that same article, I wrote that most people don’t think of housekeeping as sexy. But without housekeeping, there is no order, and no order, all chaos isn’t that sexy, and definitely not in a sustainable way.

And if you’re one of those who didn’t get all your big cleaning out of the way before the dragon year started (again, we are in good company), not to worry, we’ve got a super-deep-cleaning full moon coming.

But the good news is, it’s not here until Saturday 🙂

So do your token starts deliberately while holding your vision up until then. That’s why I’m getting this email out a bit sooner than usual.

Then, starting Saturday, think of the cleaning, clearing, tax-preparation (completing with last year, attention to detail), organizing, and otherwise releasing things, situations, entanglements, etc. as mindful, soul-enhancing meditations.

A few other notes on this particular full moon. Yep, that full moon tension is there in spades. With Mercury and Saturn conjunct the sun, which, of course, is opposed the moon, things will be said that may be or come off as insensitive. Misunderstandings will happen, feelings may get hurt. Efficiency and productivity may be the enemy of kindness. Be mindful in both your communications and how you receive the communications of others, especially boss and bossy types. Assume good intent. And be extra sensitive, particularly in sensitive areas and with sensitive people. But everyone may be a bit more touchy with this one.

And speaking of Mercury, it goes retro in a little over a month. Get important stuff done ahead of time in preparation.

Luck is still in the air, thanks to Jupiter and its aspects to the moon, Mars, Venus and even Saturn, and luck may come from seeming inconvenience or difficulty, but mostly it will come from diligent work and strategy.

Singles may find love, particularly those who are willing to consider going against their “type.” If you’re single, ask others to introduce you to someone new, and strongly consider any offers of set-ups. Maybe ask a trusted friend to manage your dating profile, and let them weed out the garden, only sending you the flowers.

Couples, focus on communications, but not so much about the relationship. Talk about your grand vision, and how to get there. A thoughtful gift for a partner would be a book or movie pertaining to their interest, the quirkier or geekier the better. If you can meet your partner out on the fringes, the bond will be enhanced. Think of new activities and get out of your routine.

Remember the dragon year wants you to expand, which begins with the comfort zone. Take daily trips outside of it. And take deep breaths as you do so, holding the grand vision in mind.

And also remember that Virgo is all about integrity, and getting things in order promotes integrity and peak performance in all areas. Even making small improvements over time will add up to bigger transformation in the course of the year.

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