Yesterday’s Virgo new moon (5:52 p.m. Monday) looks like a good one, characterized by mostly harmonious aspects. A new moon in itself is a time of relative harmony, with the sun and moon cozied up to each other. But this one has a few useful “extras” to help you move forward, such as a trine from the sun/moon to quirky, innovative Uranus, the planet of uniqueness and brilliance, and the ruling planet of visionary Aquarius. So keep your net out for the flashes of insight that come when you’re not straining your brain.

Uranus, as you may well know, has been in tense aspect to Saturn for a while, in fact this is arguably the defining aspect of 2021. However, there’s a little slack in the line now as the square has loosened, so some of the tension can abate now while the two planets are more favorably aspected by other planets.

And brilliant ideas are needed now, as we are seeing some old structures in collapse. But discipline and ritual are needed as well. As I’ve said before, if you are going to dismantle the powers that be in order to make room for a new vision, you need a solid plan and much collaboration and cooperation. And with a Mercury/Saturn trine, this kind of thought and systematic organization is highlighted.

And speaking of organization, a Virgo sun/moon conjunction is ideal for getting things in order. So in a way, this new moon has some of the releasing benefits of a full moon, as Virgo is the sign of de-cluttering, with all the harmony and manifesting power of a new moon.

Another nice aspect is a trine between Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn which adds power to actions undertaken now. Those with earth affiliations especially will be well-positioned to influence people in powerful places.

Venus and Jupiter are also in favorable aspect, bringing luck, especially to those with air placements, as well as those who are looking for new ways to unify people and bring innovative solutions to the forefront.

So the next two weeks will be good for launching new projects, taking a few well-researched and strategized risks, and adding to anything from your bank balance to your pool of available suitors. Whatever you undertake, do it systematically, and in increments as opposed to large leaps. Focus on the detail you’re attending to, delegate if possible, and systemize to maximize your output. Time spent learning how to do it quicker in the future will be well spent.

And all of this goes double because we’ve got a Mercury retro period beginning on September 26, so it’s a great time to get things done now, as the storm period ends just as the Pisces full moon of September 20 comes in, signaling a quieter, more inward-focused time for the next two weeks. The retrograde will last until October 18, but give it another week to get up to speed.

A Mars/Neptune opposition can bring confusion. Look out for those who seek to profit from stirring up emotions and appealing to deeply-held beliefs now. Make sure what you’re working toward is grounded in your own truth. Meditation, and quiet reflection will be especially beneficial.

So get out and mix it up a bit, have goals for what you’d like to accomplish over the next two weeks, and go about your work joyfully.

And if you really want to maximize your success, there’s still time to sign up for my moon circle series, Creating Abundance by the Moon but only until 5:30 this evening!



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