Yesterday’s Virgo full moon kicked off a two-week period in which a lot can be achieved in health and organization. It’s the perfect time to set the tone for the (real) new year by clearing anything that holds you back, especially in areas where small changes can make a big difference, and/or you can see your progress day by day. Reward yourself as you develop new habits. And because the sun is in Pisces, be sure to balance the practical tasks with meditative and creative pursuits.

And speaking of the real new year, the lunar year of the pig began on February 5. This year promises to be friendlier than recent past years, as the pig is the one sign in the zodiac that gets along with most of the others. While the pig can be temperamental, this sign loves to share in the wealth and make everyone feel at home.

If you are in a business that provides convenience, comfort and/or luxury to others, this is a good year for you. You will still need to work hard to get your message out there, and your message should be consistent, but your work will be rewarded. In general, the pig year is good for business and finances. If you took a hit in the dog (eat dog) year, get on a solid plan to build your brand, career and/or bank account, and your efforts won’t be wasted. Make habits such as saving convenient and automatic.

The pig year is also a better one for love, family and partnership. The pig is social and hospitable. Parties and gatherings are favored. You will make new friends.

I used to think that your own lunar sign had a lot to do with how favorable the year is to you, but now I’m convinced that it’s how well you play by the rules of that year’s animal. Pig rules are simple. Socialize and network, be generous, have and attend gatherings. Provide something of value and get your message out there. Work joyfully, but definitely work to set yourself apart.

Yes, we still have heavy Saturn influences hanging over us. As a Saturn-ruled Capricorn, I’d be remiss not to mention that. But as a Capricorn, I can also assure you that Saturn only wants discipline, routine, obedience to laws, and the rules you set for yourself, and personal integrity. If you put these values first, Saturn will be easy to work with, and you will advance. Did I mention patience? Yeah, pigs can move a little slowly. So work with joy and take pleasure in the journey.

New Year’s Blessings,


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