Tomorrow’s full moon (Thursday, 6:35 p.m. pacific) brings Saturn into the mix in a way that could be a bit uncomfortable for those not in the know. But since you’re reading this, you will understand that Saturn is really not here to make us depressed or ultra-self-critical, although these are things that can happen with Saturn conjunct the full moon. But as I’ve mentioned before, Saturn is pretty simple. It wants discipline, routine, and integrity. It wants you to shoot for your personal best. And noticing when emotions are coming through and choosing to pivot into motivation gets you extra points with Saturn.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, but it is a secondary ruler of Aquarius. And its proximity to the Aquarian moon means that we now have the best of both Aquarian worlds, the innovative and visionary energies of Uranus and the practical, proactive energies of Saturn. It’s like being the rock star and the savvy business-person all at once.

This moon occurs at 19 degrees Aquarius, with Saturn at 22 degrees Aquarius. (What planets do you have around these degrees? (yes, you need to know) Particularly those planets in fixed signs. This is where you are being asked to really work with Saturn. If it doesn’t aspect anything in your chart, then look to the house the moon falls in. For example, if the moon/Saturn fall in your third house, communications is the area where you would benefit from applying discipline and focused work.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all this stuff, that’s what I’m here for, and for those who do want to know more, I may soon be offering a class. Stay tuned!

But because it’s in Aquarius, it asks us to look again at our grand vision, assess what we have been doing to further it, and even more importantly, how we are falling short of our ideals. And once we are honest about that , we can begin to do the practical things to bridge the gap here.

So, yes, this moon will likely illuminate for most people some of the blemishes and failings that find us where we are in our lives, that gap between the actuality and the vision. And yes, that can be depressing if we just stay there and dwell on these. But if we take small steps to put systems in place to make sure we clear these blocks in order to reach our goals, this can be a pivotal time.

OK, so as you probably know, I like to look at what could trip us up from maximizing the energies of the next two weeks. And that brings us first, of course to the sun/moon opposition in Leo and Aquarius. A Leo sun wants to shine. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s exactly what it’s meant to do, but the Leo/Aquarius opposition is all about the me vs. we dynamic. Aquarius is altruistic, if not personally warm like Leo. It wants to get stuff done that benefits the largest number of people, or has the maximum effect on the right people. If you focus on being a little of both, yet more in service to others in a big-picture way than to your own magnificence, you will strike the right balance.

Another opposition to pay attention to is the one between powerful, transformational Pluto and Venus, of love and money fame. So, yeah, there may be an urge to dramatize any struggle in these areas or to compete for power rather than aim for harmony. Venus is newly in Leo, so mind the drive to make impulsive decisions about love and money. Remember the Capricorn purchase: if you think you really must have something, give it 24 hours to meditate and ruminate on before buying. Same goes in the arena of romance, especially if you’re in the market for something serious. This is an especially powerful technique now as Pluto is in late-degree Capricorn. Yep, holding-off on impulses is another way of working with Saturn.

And speaking of impulses, remember that the time following a full moon is the best time to start a new habit, particularly those that are focused on reduction and elimination. Saturn loves accountability, so have an accountability group, buddy or coach in your corner for best results.

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Uranus, the ruling planet of visionary, cutting-edge Aquarius is conjunct the north node, which represents the highest impulse. This is good, because the best path will be evident to all who take the time to keep their vision top-of-mind and connect with it throughout the day. When I coach fabulous visionaries, we focus on being in the vision at least 51% of the time, which is what I call living into it.

But the not-so-great news is that there is a square (challenging aspect) to this conjunction from the sun . So be on the lookout, and even make a list beforehand, of all the ways in which you might let your excuses and impulses get the upper hand, and have a plan to combat this.

OK, let’s move on to the good news.

While we get the Uranus/north node square to the sun, there’s a nice friendly sextile from this conjunction to the moon. Remember that the moon is also your higher self. So the balance is nicely tilted in favor of making the higher choice. This goes especially if you feel more like your moon sign, particularly its positive aspects, than your sun sign, which represents the ego.

Venus and Neptune make a lovely trine, which means your dreams, intuitions, hunches and meditations can lead you to love, money, beauty and delight. So, the second part of the Capricorn purchase is all about being moved by joy to do the thing before doing it. Don’t settle for less. Take a walk and ask for the answer. It will come when you get out of your head. Trust and connect with your higher self/divine guidance and it will lead you in the right direction.

Pluto and Mars are also in trine in earth signs. This may be a favorable time to ask for a raise, as long as you can show concrete examples of what you have achieved for the company. Or shove your foot in the elevator door, then get in and serenade the record company executive all the way up to your lucky break. The key here is in the mix of networking and demonstrative talent.

So, yes, overall, this looks like a good moon and a productive, enlightening two weeks if you approach it with mindfulness. Want to know where this all occurs in your unique chart, and how to further maximize this time? Let’s talk.

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