Have you heard that somewhere before? Maybe in an advertisement for some mystical retreat or maybe there’s a book or workshop that purports to help one do this internally for a number of outward-manifesting reasons: more power in the workplace, better sex or the healing old wounds. Anyway, my point is that it’s almost a marketing cliche.

Yet the divine feminine was the first thing I thought of when I looked at this new moon’s chart.

In my last email, I spoke of the chart of the United States, which has a Cancer (feminine) sun and an Aquarius (visionary) moon, and which is now undergoing its first Pluto return. No individual ever has a Pluto return because Pluto’s orbit takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 248 years, and it’s the longest-lasting transit, as Pluto is the slowest moving planet. It will take us through 2024.

The message of the Pluto return couldn’t be simpler. I can sum it up here: transform or die.

And remember how I’ve been talking about the major Aquarian transits that we’ve been experiencing over the past few years?

Well, I got to thinking about that on my morning walk the other day when the song “Age of Aquarius” popped into my mind out of nowhere.

And when I looked at the new moon chart, here in Pacific time zone, tonight, Tuesday’s Cancer new moon (7:52 p.m.) will occur in the 7th house of relationships, beauty, justice and balance. 

And while I don’t usually focus on the house in which any particular lunation occurs (for East-coasters, it’s in the playful, creative 5th house), I thought this was worthy of mention, as both Cancerian and Aquarian energies are in play around this new moon.

And as the song “Age of Aquarius”  goes, “When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars…” 

While the two planets are not conjunct, as in directly next to one another, one could say there is alignment in the sense that Jupiter is in Mars’ home sign of Aries, which Mars also occupies now.

“…Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars”. 

Yeah, so probably this one isn’t the one they were talking about, as current world events speak more of the difficult square between Mars (aggression) and Pluto (true power and transformation) that we see in tonight’s new moon chart than the relative harmony and sense of renewal that a new moon brings.

And I do want to emphasize that square. It is important. We are all caught in the crosshairs in an epic battle between the so-called power of aggression, might and systems of oppression (Mars) vs. the deeper, truer power of who and what we truly are (Pluto). In the chart of the U.S. and of this new moon, that power expresses as the divine feminine, harmony with nature and the planet, and the synergy of communities working for the good of all. Perhaps we can celebrate that aspect of the U.S. chart when she has her solar return (birthday) in a few days.

But we can perhaps say that this new moon can bring more peace, and that we can use its more harmonious vibe to reset to our inner calm as well as our sense of purpose. We can use it to awaken a little more.

So, today is indeed a new day. 

And if current world events are as troubling to you as they are to me, this new moon may be just the wind that your sails have been craving.

The only other challenging aspect in this moon’s chart is a square between the sun/moon conjunction and Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of all good things: luck, abundance, travel, expansion, teaching and higher education, as well as institutions that are supposed to serve us.

Yes, there is some tension. Many people are feeling at odds with government institutions, uncertain of their financial prosperity, etc. However, unless there is a problem with over-consumption, over-reaching or over-doing, basically, any form of excess, Jupiter is usually positive in any aspect. Or if something seemingly negative occurs, there can surface, quite quickly in many cases, a benefit that outweighs the negative. When I see transits like this, my advice usually is: don’t rush to judgment. 

And speaking of Jupiter, the sun/moon are conjunct natal Jupiter in the U.S. chart, hinting at opportunities for possible reversals of course, justice, good fortune, learning and expansion. I remain hopeful.

But the transformation we need will elude us if we approach it with only half of the imagination and talent that we need. If we don’t embrace our feminine side. That has been changing. And I fully expect this new will bring a new wave of change.

What to focus on in the two-week period of new beginning and outward growth following tomorrow’s new moon?

Well, the moon/sun conjunction occurs in Cancer, the sign of women, motherhood, children, family and emotions. These are wonderful areas to focus your energies both in your home and in the larger community.

And a trine between Mercury and Saturn makes it easier now to do and say hard things, or things you’ve been putting off. And with Mercury direct and Saturn retro, some restrictions and blocks to communication may be lifted now. Or you may just find that you can’t not communicate your truth anymore.

Venus, the planet of love, money and justice, makes a friendly sextile to Jupiter, so endeavors related to the above-mentioned arenas may be blessed with good fortune now.

And the lunation gives us a nice balance between the impetus to socialize and the need for alone time. Remember: balance.

Another lucky thing about this new moon: planets in their dignities.  A dignity occurs when the planet is in the sign it rules. We have the moon (Cancer), Mercury (Gemini), Mars (Aries) and Neptune (Pisces).

Get in the creative flow as much as possible every day over the next two weeks. Meditate and journal to explore your emotions. Communicate boldly and clearly–expand in this area. Can you get a little outside your comfort zone? Can you move a little closer to living your truth full-time? 

BTW, one half-hour on either side of 7:52 p.m. tonight is lucky. This is a great time to set your intentions for the next month (or year if this is the new moon closest to your birthday).

Happy new moon! What will you launch?

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