We’ve been talking a lot about Pluto as it’s been a major player in the past several years. And it’s true that Pluto is the planet of transformation and power, but today I want to talk about magic.

Today’s Capricorn full moon (11:38 a.m. pacific) occurs at 21 degrees of the sign of the goat, and that happens to be within 6 degrees of the position occupied by Pluto.

What planets do you have around 21-27 degrees? In Capricorn or other earth signs? Or in cardinal signs? Which of your houses does this conjunction occur in? This is where you’re being given opportunities for alchemy and magic. (Don’t know? Let’s talk).

One of my early astrology mentors, Carolyn Precourt, focused on the magical qualities of Pluto, particularly when the planet of transformation was conjunct the moon. Pluto is the alchemist, which means that it can turn one element into another. And there is always a magical opening–intuition, prophetic or lucid dreams, and intention-setting are favored when the moon hooks up with the planet of transformation. But add to that a full moon, and you’ve got a power-packed eclipse-like energy and the attendant ability to re-shape reality.

So how do you want to re-shape your reality right now? Do something that solidifies your intention today.

If you want to do a ritual or healing release, the exact moment that the moon conjuncts Pluto to the minute is 9:17 p.m. tonight. Burn a white candle and/or take a cleansing bath. Release ceremonies of all types are favored now.

And how do you envision our larger national, global and universal reality? The U.S. is having a Pluto return. I wrote an article about this for my peeps on Patreon. Join us if you want more exclusive content, special offers and the like. I’ve made these articles public, because this is a transformation that we all need to participate in. Check it out here: U.S. Solar (& Pluto) Return. And while you’re there, check out the first one, all about the U.S. natal chart.

But back to today’s full moon. Let’s talk about another conjunction. This one is for the writers and other communicators. Mercury and the sun are conjunct in emo Cancer. Yep, this is a great full moon (and two weeks following it) to mine your life experiences for literary gold. And you can have that heart-to-heart talk. But don’t expect that things will go perfectly in either instance, as this aspect is, by definition, directly opposite the moon/Pluto conjunction. Indeed, this full moon reads like a travelog of unexpected events, some very magical and wondrous, and others fraught with drama, peril and upset. But like a travelog, even the difficult events factor into the story of your grand adventure that you’ll tell when you get home.

Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, creativity and spirituality (as well as intuition and synchronicity) and on the other side of the coin, illusion and addiction, also makes waves in this chart, most of them positive with sextiles and trines to the aforementioned major players. Although she does make a square to Venus, which could cause a few waves in partnerships and finances. Listen to your dreams, hunches and gut instincts on how to address any issues that arise.

However, it’s not all bad for relationships, in fact, with Saturn and Venus in a loving trine, commitments may be deepened. Another way to look at Saturn/Venus is bringing love to your work, and working harder because you love what you do. Saturn, as I’ve mentioned before, rewards discipline and commitment, so go get some more of that in relation to all the things you love.

Another observation: most of the planets, luminaries and even asteroids are in the higher degrees, which suggests maturity, growth, learning and ascending to higher levels. Again, if you know your chart, look at those placements from 15 -29 degrees.

Remember, a full moon is all about releasing, reducing, cleaning and other manners of waning, as the moon will do over the next couple of weeks.

And, yes, it’s a super moon, which has nothing to do with astrology, but does make the moon look large and magical. Take a moment to experience the peace that this beauty brings.

Full moon Blessings,


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