Monday’s 5 degree Gemini full moon (1:16 a.m. pacific) will be a challenging one, but the good news is that there is much to be learned and changed. And there will be some fun.

Where is 5 degrees Gemini located in your chart? What placements do you have around the 5 degree mark?

What struck me immediately upon looking at the chart of this full moon is that it will challenge us in the very Gemini arena of mental processes and communications.

Every one of us is likely to have at least one opportunity to change our inner conversation as well as our outer communications game.

Whether you have been having challenges in a relationship, a job situation or social media, this is the time to pivot.

But let’s start by getting some of the more tense aspects out of the way.

The first, and probably the most impactful one is Mars conjunct the sun, which is opposite the moon. When I see this aspect, I know that someone’s toes will be stepped on, as the sun and Mars conjunct, in shoot-from-the-hip Sagittarius no less, can be a powerful combo in opposition to the moon. The moon is the soul and the feeling nature. Who is sandpaper to your soul? Watch out, because this individual could get even more abrasive over the next few weeks, and especially around Monday’s lunation. Prepare for some common confrontations, as they are likely to occur. How will you respond more effectively, so that you keep your inner peace?

But an opposition is not all bad. And neither is a sun/Mars conjunction. Think about how you can refine your responses so that you communicate powerfully in the face of another person’s anger or boundary-pushing. And how you would like to be bolder and more powerful in your communications both inner and outer.

The time around a full moon can be chaotic, but if you carve out some time for meditation and self-reflection, you will be greatly benefitted during this time.

Remember that a full moon is about releasing, reducing, decluttering, detoxing, and down-shifting. What can you let go of in your conversations, both inner and outer?

And what can you complete now, before Mercury goes retro on December 12. Yep, that’s the day of the Sag new moon as well. We’ll talk about that soon.

The first step to changing a behavior is noticing. Sometimes things have to happen so that you can notice your own patterns. How can you slow down your reactions? Can you allow a breath or two into your response?

Another challenge in this full moon chart is a square between, yet again, Mars and Saturn. Yep, there could be skirmishes with authority figures. If your boss is not reading this, you will probably need to be the one who shifts the interaction. Again, planning your response in advance can be helpful.

Remember, a good way to work with Saturn is to simply toe the line. Follow the rules. Check the boxes. Have a routine. If you can’t always do that, or if you do it and still catch hell, make sure you have a tempered, professional reply at the ready.

Another square in this chart involves Neptune and Mercury. A lot of the problems associated with this one can be prevented by limiting alcohol consumption or steering clear of those who aren’t doing so. But also beware of fantasy and the rose-colored glasses syndrome.

OK, how about the good news?

Well, I do like the friendly aspect between Venus and Mercury, which reassures me that well-founded partnerships will be bolstered by positive attention to communications and mindful discussing of issues.

And Mars, arguably the most lively contributor to this lunation, is friendly with Pluto, which is personal power and transformation. Yes, boundaries will be pushed, but they will also be strengthened.

Finally, the outer planets Pluto and Neptune are still in harmony, so this tells me that there is almost always a way back to peace and equilibrium.

Want to know exactly where this new moon falls in your chart, and how to maximize the burst of energy it provides? Let’s talk!

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