Yes, I know I’m late to this article. It’s been a challenging couple of weeks.

My friend and astrology mentor, Victoria Bearden died on April 5. This loss affected me deeply, as I’ve known her for twenty-five years and learned much from her during this time. She was a highly accurate predictive astrologer and her wonderful writings have been a comfort to me especially in relation to world events in recent years. Many of you who know me from the Phoenix Phyre Bookstore days may remember Victoria. May she be at peace. And to all of you who have recently lost family and friends, I wish you peace and comfort as well.

Victoria wrote hopefully about these perilous times and the hope she had for a better future. She spoke extensively about the U.S. Pluto return and how we face many important choices in defining the soul of our country and the ripple effect that this will have in the world. We are in the midst of that now, which means that things will change, although which way the pendulum will swing still remains in the balance. But this country, with a moody Cancer sun, has an Aquarius moon, which speaks of higher ideas and a movement, when push comes to shove (as it has) toward altruism and humanitarian values. As you may know, it is my view that the moon is the soul, the highest expression of self.

Saturday’s Libra full moon (April 16, 11:55 a.m. pacific) ushered in a two-week period favorable to sorting things out and bringing things into more balance in preparation for a wild eclipse cycle which could be another catalyst to great change, both in our personal lives and the world as a whole.

Libra, the sign of this most recent full moon, is a sign associated with peace, justice and equality. And a Libra full moon will help us see what is out-of-balance, and give us clues on how to right it. You have probably already felt some of the tension that comes from noticing the gap between ideals and reality. Some good questions to ask now are: What kind of messages are you getting now about your relationships, community and participation in the larger world now? What commitments do you need to strengthen and what commitments need to be shifted, modified or dissolved entirely?

Pluto, which has arguably been the biggest player in the astrology of the past several years (closely followed by Saturn and Uranus) is back in the news with a square to the sun/moon opposition that occurred on Saturday, though it will follow us for the next two weeks. Pluto is the Shiva of astrology, the destroyer and the transformer. A phoenix is as good a symbol as any for this powerhouse.

So, yes, major issues will come up to be transformed. Work with, rather than against this energy. Perhaps relationships will fall away. Don’t worry. Better connections will replace the ones that you allow to dissolve. Priorities, too, will shift, some of this will happen naturally.

And there will be moments of pure magic and wonderful insights. Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Pisces will see to that. Meditate, do yoga or other meditative things. Create. Take creative risks. Synchronicites abound. Also, communications can be powerful now. Those who endeavor to get their point across in new ways will be rewarded. Mercury conjunct Uranus in nice aspect to Venus will bring different elements together in pleasing ways. Pay attention to dreams and ideas that seem to come from somewhere else. Try new approaches. And journal about what works and doesn’t work. Learning is also enhanced now.

The next lunation will be a solar eclipse on April 30 at 1:28 p.m. pacific. This is a very powerful, extremely positive one. There are no “bad aspects” in the chart of this solar eclipse, unless you count conjunctions of “hard” and “soft” planets, such as Uranus alongside the sun/moon conjunction. But I think these just make things more dynamic and interesting, and as long as you go into the eclipse cycle expecting that it’s not always going to be business as usual–and this is especially true given that there’s a Mercury retro beginning on May 10, but as always, we need to give it a little wider berth. Mercury enters its storm period, the time right before the retro when things start to blur around the edges communications-wise. The official retro goes until June 3, and the storm ends on June 11.

So get stuff done now. Focus on completions until April 30, then shift to new creations, launches and expansions. The biggest thing to know about the upcoming Taurus solar eclipse is that it is a wonderful time to make bold changes and get out of any rut that you find yourself in. It’s also a fabulous one for manifestation. Taurus is the sign of money, art and natural resources. It is ruled by Venus, and loves to create and enjoy beauty.

We will talk more about this, as well as the Scorpio lunar eclipse which will rock the world on May 16, next week.

But if you really want to leverage the powerful energy of these eclipses, check out my upcoming moon circle series Creating Abundance by the Moon!

And/or give me a call. Knowing where eclipses fall in your chart and how to maximize this potent energy, what to focus on and what to wait on, is IMHO one of the best ways to set yourself apart and move forward powerfully now. Let’s talk!



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