We’ve all been at that party. A thousand things are happening at once. Many guests are joyfully dancing. A budding couple sits away from the crowd, deep in conversation. On the front lawn, another pair quarrels loudly, while one partier pukes in the bushes. OK, maybe it’s been a while since I was at a party this lively. Like a long while. But Saturday’s full moon at 18 degrees Pisces (2:59 a.m. pacific) may bring echoes of this party over the following two weeks.

Yes, emotions will run the gamut. Yes, great connections will be made. And yes, the sh!# will be stirred up. I’m giving you the heads-up because knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

The day before the full moon, tomorrow, a Mercury retrograde begins. Most of you know what that means. The planet of communications appears to move backward in its orbit. All manner of communications, which is basically everything, are impacted. How it will affect you has a lot to do with where it falls in your chart and what planets it aspects, The remedies can also be found there, BTW. If you want to get the solutions upfront, let’s talk.

Mercury goes retro at 9 degrees Libra. (What planets do you have around this degree?) It remains in its backward state until October 2. Give it a few more days to get out of the storm period. My standard guidance for Mercury retro bears repeating: get and stay centered, be flexible, have a sense of humor, double and triple check documents, emails, travel reservations and the like. Budget a little more time and money than you think you’ll need.

All that said, I’m already a little bit in love with this moon for what it’s saying to us if we’ll listen.

First, it’s telling us, as only a Pisces moon can, to respect and honor our emotions, dreams, intuitions, and engage in pursuits that align us with the spiritual. Neptune near-conjunct the moon in Pisces promises that if we take the time to meditate, move mindfully and listen to our inner voices, we will be rewarded. A full moon often pulls us in opposing directions. Should we go out or stay in? Should we speak or remain silent? Should we give in to or resist an impulse? Dropping into silence and mindfulness will answer these questions if we take the time to ask them. Favorable aspects to Neptune and the moon hint at the possibility of big, even transformational change if we allow more spiritual guidance in.

Secondly, even with Mercury in retrograde, and maybe even especially because Mercury is retro, communications can be extremely powerful. Oppositions are not necessarily a bad thing. The tension we often feel during a full moon is due to the opposition between the sun and moon (head/ego vs. heart/higher self). But it’s often during times of tension that we are able to discover out-of-the-box solutions. Besides the obvious sun/moon opposition, we also have an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter. Remember that Mercury retro is a time of reversals. Imagine you blurt something out at a work meeting. It’s embarrassing for you in the moment, but many of your co-workers see the truth in it. After a few days of avoiding the boss, she comes into your office, having thought about your comment. Positive changes in company policy ensue. Yeah, stuff like that will happen, but so will it’s opposite. Creative ways to turn situations around may also occur during this time.

Mercury gets a burst of energy from Mars in a positive aspect. So even if you shoot from the hip and make waves, if you are coming from a place of whole-heartedness and integrity, it may ultimately be beneficial. Also, writers and speakers may find that they are thinking more intuitively and creatively now. Trust your instincts about playing a bigger game in relation to your communications.

And lastly, it may be easier to flow with the changes that come now, as the Sun trines Uranus, the visionary/disruptor. Embracing what happens and being flexible is key now, as the changes will come fast. You may begin to see trends more clearly and get ahead of them or at least catch the wave. Keep abreast of those things that interest you, and notice what is happening in your field. Making a bold move is not off the table during a Mercury retro, but you must be impelled, or moved by spirit to do so.

So, yes, I would classify this as a largely positive full moon, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the challenges.

First, we have oppositions and squares. Likely, you will receive pushback on things you want to accomplish. Expect this and perhaps take it under advisement, considering the source. But forge ahead if your heart urges you onward.

Speaking of squares, there’s one between Mars and Venus. If you have a partner, it’s probably a matter of which old arguments will arise. List your top three and how you’ll choose a different reaction to each. Those who take the time to do this (Oh dear, I’m pointing back at myself) will avoid or greatly reduce much of conflict that could ensue over the next two weeks.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Saturn. In square with Uranus, Saturn is asking for a detailed strategy on how you intend to change the world. No pressure. Just commit to the actions you will take and follow through with scheduled and consistent actions over the next two weeks to a month to start. Want support on this? Let’s talk. I’m having a coaching special for a few more days.

Overall, this is a time that can yield much positive change. If you are drawn to get some healing work done, heed that call. Remember to focus on clearing, releasing, detoxing and decluttering over the next two weeks. Take some down-time, and little breaks from the party.

Full Moon Blessings,


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