Pisces is one of the best signs for the moon to visit. It brings not only the occasional prophetic dream, hunch, or insight, but oftentimes comes bearing fortuitous synchronicity and bursts of spontaneous creativity. But the best thing about this Pisces new moon (Wednesday, March 2 at 9:35 a.m. pacific) is that there are no negative aspects in the new moon chart.

Yes, there are conjunctions, and sometimes a conjunction between a heavy hitting, or “hard” planet, and a softer, personal planet can bring distress, but usually it is a distress that can be managed by delving into the lesson the harder planet represents, and tempering the “soft”, or personal planet’s response to said stimulus.

Case in point: fast-moving personal planet Mercury has just conjuncted Saturn, the planet of restriction. While Mercury and Saturn are both relatively at home in intelligent Aquarius, the lesson for the planet of communications may be to restrict or discipline one’s communications, especially in areas where others may have strong beliefs and/or more intellectual knowledge. One of the ways Saturn could show up in Mercury’s realm is in a humility which could manifest as deference or allowing that one may not know everything about the subject.

And/or it may be a time to study and learn more or use discipline to map out the practical steps to fulfill your grand vision. I like that one. It’s a perfect description, in my book, of Saturn and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius.

Mars and Venus are also conjunct, which is usually thought of as a good conjunction, as Mars and Venus are our male and female love planets. When they are conjunct, romance and sexual attraction get a little boost. However, this solid Capricornian conjunction is beset by another. Pluto enters the mix with its own conjunction to the frisky pair, which could bring a little drama and past trauma to the love and romance arena.

Working with Pluto can yield great long-term benefits, as it is the planet of transformation. So taking the long-view here can be very beneficial. Yep, it can suck to have Pluto crash date night with an old argument, but I have said this before: Pluto is here to show us what we need to transform and rise above. This means that trying to have a different response, and using the incident to take your personal growth, and perhaps the relationship to a deeper level could yield dividends.

And on the other side of the coin, the Piscean conjunction between the sun and moon is visited by Jupiter, which brings luck into the already harmonious mix. So even if Pluto does crash the party, if you take the view that all’s well that ends well, and you’re willing to be with whatever discomfort arises in interpersonal relations, new solutions to old problems could arise, or a better situation could be born. Jupiter is an arbiter of justice, so those working for the betterment of all will be helped in their quest.

Uranus is the planet of disruption, mass media and world events. While the new moon chart captures this visionary and revolutionary planet in harmonious aspect to the aforementioned aspect (sun/moon/Jupiter), remember that this heavy-hitter has been skirmishing with Saturn for a long year, and a lot of what’s happening now is a result of Saturn/Pluto/Uranus aspects that have been in effect for a while. It can represent the difficulty that nobody planned for, but ends up ultimately being beneficial, or at least has the potential to be beneficial if we seize the opportunity. So it’s important to not rush to judgement.

Uranus in good aspect can bring friends and fortunate shifts to difficult ongoing situations. Uranus also gives us inroads to realize our ideals, usually in ways we hadn’t imagined. The stage is being set for the realization of many positive changes if we are willing to hold to the vision and do the work as it arises.

So overall, this is a really good new moon, right when we need it. And it gets off to a great start, with a lucky Cazimi period from 9:05 – 10:05 a.m. tomorrow (one 1/2 hour on either side of the new moon). Use this lucky period to meditate, set intentions and perhaps begin or launch something that you would like happy returns on.

I’ll leave you with one more thing. Since this is a new moon of tremendous healing and happiness potential, why not resolve to do what I just advised a client to do for the next two weeks: Partake only of those things that exalt your energy. Yeah, I get it, most of us have jobs or dishes, but perhaps get yourself into a more joyful space before doing mundane or necessary tasks. Be mindful and present. Be love and peace.



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