Sunday’s Scorpio lunar eclipse (9:14 p.m. pacific) will probably be one of the most interesting and challenging moons we’ve had in a while, but as with anything Scorpio, it’s also potentially transformational.

With Saturn, the planet of restrictions, discipline and authority in difficult T-square to the sun/moon opposition, it’s likely that we will re-experience many of the frustrations and limitations that we’ve been subject to over the past two years. If that doesn’t sound like good news, well, add a Mercury retro to that, and mix at high speed.

Yeah, this is often what it takes to affect transformation.

And speaking of transformation, this time, right now, between eclipses is the time to declare yourself in on all the intentions that you have. In either large or small ways, and, yes, even in spite of the Mercury retro. So basically, the magical ecliptic gateway that we’re in for a few days longer outweighs the retro. Even if there are glitches in your launch…do it anyway, or at least do it in a small way.

And let the chips fall where they may. Yes, sometimes stuff happens during a Mercury retro. Computer screens freeze, communications can get weird, packages can be delivered to your old address, etc, etc, etc. But usually these things are reversible. That’s the “just kidding” aspect of Mercury, the trickster. Try to be a good sport, as Mercury also has some goodies to dole out.

So to backtrack, Mercury went retro on May 10–was that an interesting day for you, too?–and will remain retro through June 3, although it will move slowly in the storm period (things are better, but proceed with caution) until June 11.

And what is Mercury retro good for? Out-of-the-box thinking and creative brilliance (as well as big ideas that seem great in the moment, but don’t look as good in sober daylight). Anything starting with re- such as research, revision, repair. So revisit some old ideas that have been put on the shelf. Maybe revise them a bit, and re-package.

A lot depends on where it falls in your chart. Sometimes you can skate right through a Mercury retro with minimal inconveniences. It probably wasn’t sparking anything important in your chart.

An eclipse cycle is another animal entirely. Eclipses are about transformation and growth, and if one doesn’t get you, the other one will very likely have something to say. If you know your chart, you’ll know which house the sun and moon fall in during the eclipse. If you know a bit more about astrology, you may know what planets are “sparked” during the two eclipses. This is valuable information as eclipses point to lessons as well as those actions large and small that can affect big changes.

Here’s another clue as to what needs your focus: it’s the small thing that caused an out-of-proportion response in the past week or so. For me, it’s technical stuff: un-user-friendly websites and unclear communications.

Try to catch it before it becomes a mood. Sit with it. Breathe. Talk yourself down from the ledge. It’s okay. There’s a lot to blame: Mercury retro, eclipses, the news of the world. You can guide yourself back to better feelings.

Eclipses can also alchemize these emotions when we catch them and re-focus our energies on what positive thing we can do, using the anger, the hurt, whatever as a catalyst. The combo of an eclipse cycle AND a Mercury retro can yield much gold for the one who looks inward unflinchingly. If you’ve read this far, you have it in you to be that person now.

More meditation and meditative activity will help greatly. Maybe catch at least a snippet of your dream every morning before it evaporates. Maybe do 2-3 pages of free-writing to get the crud out and be real with what you’re feeling. Do mini-meditations and walking meditations. Tell on yourself, both to yourself and trusted others. Hold yourself to the high standards you strive to meet. These are all good ways to work with the Saturn influence in this lunar eclipse.

Remember, Saturn wants you to have an ethical code that is right for you, and adhere to that. It wants you to be accountable for what you said you would do. It wants you to drive safely, use your blinker and give way to other drivers.

OK, so I’ve talked about the challenges. What are some of the goodies of this upcoming eclipse?

Well, actually, now that you mention it, the goodies are plentiful. Trines are the best aspect in astrology, and we’ve got a handful of those. Mercury, albeit retro, is still in nice aspect to Pluto (actually this is due to the slower movement) which means that the written word can be very powerful right now, whether you are the writer or the reader. So do a bit of both.

The Mars/Neptune conjunction is trined by the moon, which can move the hearts and emotions of the ultra-masculine. Don’t be surprised if that tough-guy BF tears up during a rom-com, or opens up in an unexpected way.

Also, yoga and other bridges between the spirit and the body can be very powerful and opening at this time. Creativity abounds, particularly the brand of creativity that makes its home in the darker places. Don’t be afraid to go deeper now, as a Scorpio lunar eclipse is made for fearless self-exploration.

And sextiles, another positive aspect, also abound in the chart of this lunation. Sextiles are friendly and love to network. Which means the Mars/Neptune conjunction is also playing nice with the Taurus sun. Think of meditation and other meditative activities as a way to “charge up”. You can make your energy go further in a day by including mini-meditations, especially if you’re interacting with a lot of people or are trying to focus for long periods of time. Spiritual experiences will be plentiful now, but a good way to court them is to get outside, and maybe even get your hands in the dirt.

Another sextile worth mentioning is Jupiter/Pluto. Jupiter is luck and expansion. Pluto is power, both spiritual and worldly. When the two meet, push your luck a little. Get centered, know what you want to convey, then have that talk with the boss. Yes, it’s Mercury retro. Maybe nothing will happen. Or maybe you’ll plant an idea in her head. And maybe it won’t happen now, but perhaps you have created an inroad for it to happen later.

One more thing: the sun/moon opposition conjuncts the north and south nodes. I just spoke to two people who have important placements on that axis. Which is huge. (Yes, I believe the right people call me at the right time). But even if you’re not in the crosshairs of this one, the question that it poses is: “Are you going to continue down the old, habitual path or take the new road, the one more aligned with your grand vision?” Not a light-hearted question, I know. But I know that in some ways, it applies to all of us.

Can you make 10-20 very small changes today? I mean very small. But just contrary to habit enough. If you walk a circular path like I do most mornings, can you reverse the way you walk? Change up where you sit at the coffee shop or where you put down your mat in the yoga studio? Maybe take a bath instead of watching TV tonight? Tea instead of coffee, just for today? Then tomorrow, keep 5 of those changes, then choose another 5-15. See what happens.

As always, if you want to know how all of this is sparking your chart, and which shining pathway the planets are illuminating for you, let’s talk!

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