Want to know how to work with the energies of the November 8 eclipse? Well, there’s a clue in the preceding sentence. Yep, the operative word is work.

Tuesday’s lunar eclipse (3:02 a.m. pacific) features, among other challenges, Saturn, the planet of hard work in a starring role.

We’ve been talking about Saturn for a long time, as the planet of restrictions and discipline has been a major player in the transits of the past several years, most notably in its battle with Uranus the planet of revolution and innovation, that is highlighted again in this eclipse chart.

Well, in this eclipse, Saturn sits in a t-square to the opposed sun and moon, as well as the planets traveling close to both luminaries, making a total of five squares. In addition to the sun. moon, and Uranus, personal planets Mercury and Venus are caught up in the t-square.

What does this mean? Well, Saturn also represents the past. So one interpretation is that past difficulties will likely come up in your relationships (Venus) to be worked with (Saturn) and transformed (Scorpio sun) by new responses (Mercury). All this may happen in the presence of a stubborn emotional pull toward doing the same thing you always have (Taurus moon, Saturn again).

Furthermore, the north and south nodes are traveling close to the ecliptic opposition. This can also both intensify the pull to react in the old (not-so-good) way (south node), yet the rewards could be transformative if you choose a new, more soul-aligned (north node) response.

This is also borne up by another square in the eclipse chart, that between Mars, the planet of action and aggression, and the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter. However, Pluto chimes in via a friendly sextile on the side of Jupiter (luck, expansion) and Neptune (unconditional love). Bottom line: all the love, luck and power come from not giving into one’s lower impulses now.

I’m sure you’ve had it, too. That intuitive urge to do something, maybe it’s a bit uncomfortable, but it feels right. And from that, the course of your life shifts. Be on the lookout for that intuition.

And speaking of lower versus higher impulses, which will voters follow on the day of the eclipse? I’m betting on more people voting for their freedoms, and for their higher ideals, than from their fears, as I have mentioned before that the election day/eclipse chart seems to have a positive influence in the direction of what the country, in the form of its birth chart, envisions for itself.

And here’s another thing this chart wants to tell you. With a Venus/Neptune trine: love one another. Seriously. Venus is personal/relational love and Neptune is universal/spiritual love. Kind of a “smile on your brother–and sister” moment. It asks of us extra mindfulness and compassion in all we do and say. If we each assume good intentions on the part of the other, that will go a long way in all our interactions now.

I hope you have been planting little seeds that you would like to see grow in the near and not-so-near future. Keep doing that. On Tuesday, the focus moves to shifting habits, especially via reducing and eliminating. The two weeks after a full moon/lunar eclipse is especially good for completions. That’s why your token starts between eclipses are important, as you can more successfully bring projects to completion after the eclipse

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