Saturday’s Taurus solar eclipse 1:28 p.m. pacific can set something in motion for you. What will that be?

While the precise answer to that question depends on where the eclipse falls in your chart, and what other planets are sparked by the configuration of the planets in the chart of the lunation, much of it has to do with taking a proactive stance and being ready to take advantage of the opportunities that arise during this energetic time.

As I’ve said before, the time between eclipses is a time, while being a bit more reactive and tumultuous, that is also more malleable to our intentions and the purposeful actions we take in service of our visions.

So those who operate from a perspective of victimization will have more stuff “happen” to them. While others who are more rooted in responsibility and intentionality will see more opportunity, even in the stuff that shows up unbidden.

Looking at the chart of the eclipse, it’s hard to see anything too challenging about it, as all the aspects are either sextiles, trines or conjunctions, mostly positive interactions. In fact, sextiles, the “friend” aspect, dominate the chart, making even those people, things and situations that normally present more of a challenge seem relatively friendly. Or at the very least, there is a way to interject more amiability into just about any situation.

The definition of a new moon (a solar eclipse is just a super-charged new moon) is that the sun and moon are conjunct, cozied up and in agreement. A Taurus moon is one of the most fabulous and lucky transiting moons. This by itself is pleasant, as the moon and sun are akin to the head and heart. When these two are aligned, tension is reduced, and this bodes well for work and play, romance and finance.

But this sun/moon duo brings Mars into a likable sextile, harnessing the efforts of the male love planet, and the muscle and movement of the achiever that is Mars.

And speaking of conjunctions, another really nice one is the Jupiter/Venus meetup, which pulls Neptune in to the bear hug, and the three of them reach out a hand to Pluto, making spiritual work and transformational breakthroughs in love, money and intuition highly likely during this time. Seriously, looking at every problem that arises as a chance to transform your response to it will yield dividends now. Especially since Pluto goes retro on the day before the eclipse. This brings us our growth and transformation more quickly and easily, as long as we don’t get spooked by the way it’s delivered. Again, think: eclipse = dramatic flourish.

Also, Mercury, from the other direction, gets pulled into a sextile with Jupiter and Venus, and Neptune through the conjunction to Jupiter/Venus. This is good for communications, which we can definitely use, as Mercury is going retro on May 10, between eclipses. Oh my! Yes, there will be foot-in-the-mouth moments, but also forgiveness and the ability to pivot and rescue a situation due to this friendly aspect. And I will venture to say that you will probably have at least one instance in which, if things would have gone to plan, you would not have gotten an opportunity that you now have. So be on the lookout for these and try not to rush to judgement, as the opportunity may show up later.

The most positive aspect in astrology is the trine, and the trine in this chart is between Mercury and Pluto. Mercury, of course is communications, and in its home sign of Gemini, that goes double. Pluto is both worldly power and spiritual transformation. Your words, thought processes and communications–written, verbal and non-verbal, can bring you a bit more of both types of power. If you’re a writer, write. If you’re a speaker, speak. Get what you want to communicate out there. And try to get it in front of powerful decision-makers. And journalling your intentions, thoughts and feelings will help to facilitate insight, inspiration and intuition even more now. Breakthroughs will come.

One could argue that the conjunction between the sun/moon and Uranus may be a difficult one. Yes, Uranus is all about dramatic, sudden upset. And yes, you will get your feelings hurt or your back up over a situation that turns out to be totally not what you read into it. Or someone else will think you meant something that you didn’t and get bent out of shape about it. Remember that I said this. And remember to take a breath, re-group and pivot.

And speaking of conjunctions, could Neptune, the planet of illusions being so close to Venus and Jupiter make one see romantic and business partners as well as investment opportunities through rose-tinted contact lenses? Yep. Keep that in mind, too, and make sure you’re guided (by spirit) rather than goaded (by your emotions) to make big relationship or financial decisions.

But generally, do I think this eclipse is going to bring more awesomeness than crap? Hell yeah!

And it’s already happening. What do I always say about eclipses? Stuff is gonna come out. Yep, ugly stuff that we need to know, and some that we really don’t, but that’s just the nature of the beast.

Add to that a Mercury retro. Just keep your eyes open. Be willing to see a few heroes fall, and a few cringe-worthy things you can’t un-see. It’s all part of the bigger picture. And if we believe that the world is moving ever toward goodness, in spite of all the ugliness that needs to be witnessed, we will be inspired to play our part in that evolution.

Glancing forward, the Scorpio lunar eclipse of May 15 looks a bit more perilous. And Saturn seems to be the biggest troublemaker in the chart. So, knowing that, you can work with Saturn now and get stuff done, doing your level best to follow the rules and make good on the agreements you’ve given to yourself and others. Saturn can be a taskmaster, but is relatively simple to work with. Just balance your books, clean your house and attend to things in a timely manner.

Developing and strengthening ways of shifting your emotions rather than letting them get the best of you is highly advisable now. Remember, Mercury retro will make this even trickier.

Here’s the down-low on the retro. Mercury enters its storm period next Tuesday, May 3, moving a little slower, but you can still get stuff done okay with a little more focus and attention to detail. It goes proper retro on May 10, which means, double-check contracts, reservations, try putting off major decisions, etc. It leaves the retro and enters the second storm on June 3. Proceed with caution, and finally, leaves the storm period on June 11. Mercury retro can bring more creativity and out-of-the-box solutions, so keep an eye out for work-arounds.

But the big thing to remember now is: set fabulous intentions at this solar eclipse, and don’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring in a bigger way than you have before. Meditate on what that looks like, then take some important action in that direction, however small to begin with. Get some accountability, and move forward.

If you really want to rock it, come to Creating Abundance by the Moon. We’re having a moon circle THIS SATURDAY during the eclipse for this very purpose!

And let’s talk about where these eclipses fall in your chart, and what planets it sparks! My very favorite readings I do are those around the eclipses, as an eclipse cycle, particularly one like this, can get you unstuck and moving in the direction of your grand vision like nothing else!



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