Sometimes when I look at a chart, I get the sense that it could take flight. This has to do with the angles and how they appear winglike, whether there is symmetry, a determiner of both aerodynamics and beauty, and whether any parts of its shape that may drag it down are balanced by those that would keep it airborne. I know, it sounds strange, but the shape of a chart does have a lot to say about the way to navigate it.

Sunday’s Aries full moon (1:55 p.m. pacific) seems to aspire to take flight. And indeed, the wind is picking up as we head into an eclipse cycle beginning with a solar eclipse on October 24, followed by a lunar eclipse on November 8 (Yep, election day!–more on that in a minute)

However, as a precursor to an eclipse cycle, this moon looks fairly harmonious. Yes, a full moon, by definition, contains at least one opposition. And this one boasts three. Yet, we have some wonderful trines, and these outnumber the squares (more challenging aspects), and there’s a really nice conjunction to help soften the energy as well.

So it’s a mixed bag. But flying a kite is not only dependent on the structure of the kite and the wind, you must also know how to keep it steady and aloft.

Keeping in mind that it’s a full moon, with the sun and moon opposing each other, as well as a few other planets which, over the next two weeks, will take turns pulling the strings of the kite, let’s first talk about what elements are working together in harmony.

Venus is conjunct the sun in lovely Libra. This is just nice. it’s a little shot of harmony whenever you need it. And you will, so keep this in mind. Venus is the planet that rules Libra, and when the sun and Venus come together in her home sign, a little etiquette, kindness, beauty and attention to the other’s needs will go far.

Mercury and Pluto form a nice trine, which makes it easier to communicate with power, or with powerful people. Boundaries are easier to set and enforce with this aspect. It also lends a boldness and authority to communications. Don’t be afraid to show your expertise through speaking, writing and other means of communication.

Saturn, often a planet synonymous with difficulty and penalty, trines the sun, and by extension, Venus. It’s a good time to get things done, to establish and work within the parameters of a routine, to exercise self-discipline, and to pare down anything that is not helping you move in the direction of your vision. Working on relationships can also be beneficial now.

Speaking of Saturn, the taskmaster is also playing nice with another common adversary, Mars. Work should flow smoothly for the most part, as long as you have a strategy and a routine. Also, Saturn will reward work well done more readily now, and will favor boldness as long as it’s backed up by work, research and/or skill.

And even the moon gets in on the Saturn love, and while any contact between the moon and Saturn can be difficult, the friendly sextile allows for better processing of emotion and more positive channeling of anger, as the moon in Aries harmonizes with Aquarian Saturn.

Troublemakers include Mars, which squares both Mercury–yep, there will be harsh words–and Neptune–impulse control may be harder especially in the realm of additions and compulsions. However, this is somewhat balanced by Saturn’s positive influence on Mars now. If you know where you’re likely to be tempted in the wrong direction, and have a workable plan, this is less likely to be your fate.

Saturn and Uranus have been tangoing for a while. This is the struggle between tradition and revolution, between caution and throwing it to the wind. Again, there’s enough positive Saturn energy here to temper many who would throw out the baby with the bathwater, but being in the know, and knowing especially what might trip you up will be very helpful now and over the next two weeks.

Remember that the two weeks following a full moon is a good time for completions, releasing, paring down, de-toxing and de-cluttering of all manner.

And, yes, there is usually some tension that arises around the full moon. Pay attention to what irritates, angers or otherwise triggers you emotionally now. Then if this is a pattern, use the next two weeks to work toward healing that particular issue.

Overall, this is a positive full moon which can illuminate the healing we need, and light the way to where we need to go. Being mindful now will serve you well, as others may be keyed up, especially in the days surrounding the full moon.

Tying everything that you do now to your grand vision will also be helpful. Think not just of your vision for your own life, but for the world as a whole. Small actions, when done with a bigger vision in mind, can be very powerful now.

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