A solar eclipse is usually a lot less intense than a lunar eclipse, but this one, a Scorpio solar eclipse no less, is already giving off the warm fuzzies. What with a sun/moon/Venus conjunction and some comfy trines making Tuesday’s eclipse (3:49 a.m. pacific) seem less eclipse-like and more user-friendly.

But don’t let that fool you.

Instead, allow it to motivate you. Because an eclipse is an eclipse, and more importantly, it’s part of a 2-eclipse cycle. And the second eclipse in the cycle, the Taurus lunar eclipse on November 8…well, let’s just say that no one is going to accuse that particular eclipse of being cozy.

And because it’s near impossible to talk about one eclipse in a cycle without bringing in the other one, let’s talk about what this eclipse means for the cycle..

The sun/moon/Venus hookup. The sun and moon at 2 degrees Scorpio are joined by the planet of love and money. If you want a clue about where to focus your energies over the next two weeks, I might choose a Venusian ideal such as justice, equality, beauty, balance or, sure, the tried and true romance and finance themes.

And how do you go about the pursuit of such ideals? Let’s just imagine, for example, that you chose a theme of equality and decided the best way to go about that was encouraging people to vote in the election that coincidentally falls on the day of the harder-hitting lunar eclipse, November 8.

Given that the two weeks between eclipses is a highly malleable and magical time, less subject to natural laws than other times, you know that you want to make an impact in the upcoming election in order to insure more equality, and its sister Venusian value of justice.

You might then look to the most aspected planets in the chart of the first eclipse, and find that they are Mercury and Mars. From this you might infer that a good way to have an impact would be talking to people, and using other means of communication (Mercury) to influence people to vote. Mercury forms a nice trine with Mars, the planet of action. Yeah, it seems to be saying, sign up to text- or phone-bank for a candidate who supports your ideals or with an organization (such as VoteRiders or The Civics Center, both non-partisan) that helps people navigate voter ID rules and/or support them in getting out the vote.

How else might you get inspiration? Well, the eclipse itself and the fact that it’s a solar (new moon) eclipse, gives us motivation, energy and a little push to manifest our vision by putting the work in. Scorpio, the sign the eclipse is in, is ruled by Pluto, which brings power, both inner and outer. And Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars: energy, work, daring and assertion. Yep, some of this work could get you out of your comfort zone, and could earn you some pushback from people with opposing views. Oh well, we know this isn’t going to stop the theoretical you who wants equality, truth and justice.

Working with this example, what could trip us up in this pursuit? Well, speaking of Mars, the planet of aggression makes a square to Neptune. And sometimes this can mean that illusions and laziness or apathy (Neptune) can keep one from acting. Look out for excuses, regardless of what your intention is. And look out for both subtle and overt attempts to dissuade you from your goal.

But definitely have an intention, or two. But try not to choose too many different objectives. You’ll definitely need your focus now. And definitely work toward it. Expect that obstacles will arise. Because that’s how it is in the time around and between eclipses. Things happen, and we get to work with how we respond to everything from distractions to derailments.

And it’s good to know that an eclipse will send some folks b.s. crazy. Or at least frazzle them a little more than their normal degree of frazzlement. Because you know this, you can be the calm in their storm without losing too much of yours.

Remember that communication is huge for the next two weeks. The way you communicate will influence everything, even more than usual now. Rather than “pulling rank” on people, ask questions. If they’re out of line, be like Columbo. Using logic, diplomacy and well-worded questions will go far, especially if you are dealing with a person in an authority position, or who thinks they are an authority.

Mars and Jupiter in a square can ultimately be a good thing, although a situation or project may get off to a rocky start, or encounter difficulties along the way. If you believe in your vision, persist, and know that good luck will often come from seeming bad.

The nodes of the moon. Anyone who’s been reading this for a while will know that I’ve been talking about the fight between good and evil, or at least good and not-so-good, for some time now. Will our higher or lower instincts, our better or worse angels win the day? Will we challenge ourselves to have a greater impact, or will we fall back on our excuses?

I say, go for impact. Get your work and message out to a bigger audience. Challenge your comfort zones. Speak up for what you feel is right. But do it in a disciplined, systematic and non-reactive way. This is what the north node conjunct Uranus (which is square Saturn) seems to be trying to tell us. This has been a consistent theme over the last few years, however, we are reaching a tipping point with our higher vs. lower angels. From where I sit, it looks like the higher angels are winning, but they still need all the help they can get.

Which brings us to the second eclipse in the cycle. On November 8 at 3:02 a.m. pacific, we’ve got a dramatic Taurus lunar eclipse. And let me tell you that when I looked at the chart of this election day eclipse, I kind of freaked out.

But then I looked at it alongside the chart of the United States, and I felt much better about how this eclipse, and the election could play out.

I’ve touched on that before in previous articles, and may say more about the election chart overlaid on the U.S. chart in my next article. But I wanted to talk about how we can focus the work we do over the next two weeks, in whatever areas we choose, to bring in good results, perhaps even some of them around the time of the lunar eclipse.

Yep, this is one of the most creative and malleable times in any given year, the window that occurs between a solar eclipse that precedes a lunar eclipse. And we have that opportunity now!

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And one thing that is clear is that this question of higher vs. lower self is only going to intensify around the next eclipse. Indeed, the nodes are again traveling close to the sun/moon opposition, with the north node (higher self/better angels) conjunct the moon, which is representative of the higher self, and the south node (lower impulses/default mode) traveling near the sun, which represents the ego, but also a great deal of energy. And that’s not all. Uranus and Mercury are also getting in on the opposition action, both sides sending out squares to Saturn. Yeah, I’m not gonna sugar-coat here, that’s pretty rugged.

Again, communications are vital now, both in what and how you communicate. But it’s not a case of “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” In fact, if something is not nice, it’s important to communicate about it. Let your message be clear. And go for impact. But strive to have your responses be as diplomatic and professional as possible for the most part.

And because Saturn makes such a strong showing in this eclipse’s chart, now would be a good time to get more discipline, routine, and accountability. Yes, have goals, and outline how to achieve them.

Also, if you have ideas that you want to share with people in positions of power, this may be a good time to pitch them. Again, make sure you’re organized (Saturn) and that your argument can answer to any challenges that may arise.

If you’re focusing on love and/or money (and who isn’t?), it’s a good time to plant seeds in those areas. Remember what I said about Venusian values being front and center now? Well-tended seeds may begin to sprout around the second eclipse.

So to summarize: work with Saturn, lord of discipline, in advance of these major Saturnian aspects. And speak/write/post for impact, but filter your communications through your higher self.

And finally, rest. Not lazily but actively. Meditate, do yoga, walk, basically take “brain breaks” like Einstein did. Much brilliance and creativity is accessible now.

Want to really hit it out of the park? OK, you know I had to make a baseball analogy. Go Padres!

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