Yesterday, I had another revelation. I say another because the age of Aquarius has been delivering in a major way, as I hope it has for you, the fabulous little mind-blowing, perspective-shifting, and lights-going-on moments that make all the difference.

In my case it was something someone said in passing on a podcast I listen to several times a week, four little words that made me hit pause and sit there with my mouth agape for a moment, the world spinning around me. Oprah would have called it an a-ha moment, the tiny transformation these words sparked for me.

This little string of words hit me like a big universal high-five. And it validated why I have been having moon circles in one form or another over the past ten years, and why I put out articles around the new and full moons rather than the monthly “horoscope column” overview, and why 8 times out of 10, people are calling me very close to their lunar return, that time every month where the moon is directly overhead from their natal moon, and their emotional “low point” of the month, but also a time fraught with spiritual and transformational possibilities.

It is because the moon, not the sun, is the heart and soul of the astrology I am called to do.

And like that, I went from Capricorn to Virgo.

Yeah, I know, still not that sexy. But it makes a lot more sense. And within hours of this discovery, I went on a cleaning and organizing spree. Like I said, not that sexy. But just like that, I could embrace my Virgo moon, rather than wonder why the hell I didn’t feel like cleaning, and was generally disorganized. And now, everything about that Virgo moon makes sense: the internalized critical mother, the years I spent in service work, the words I wrote in a contributor’s note accompanying a poem I wrote about waiting tables: “All work is service work”, the introversion I’ve only in recent years begun to embrace, and how I love detail work, such as editing almost more than writing, which is another Virgo theme.

But enough about me. What is your moon sign? In my moon circles, and among my regular clients, I make sure everyone knows. Yes, your moon sign is your emotional personality. I have always said that, but more than that, the moon sign, the nodes of the moon, the location of the moon in your chart, and the aspects to your natal moon make up the essence of who you are. It is feminine and matriarchal. It speaks of how your mother shaped you, your sacred wound, your karmic destiny, how you can best nurture yourself and others. It is your love language, and the truest part of yourself. And chances are, if you are still reading this, you are what the noted astrologer Donna Cunningham would call a “lunar type in a solar world”. Here are the four words that sent me for a loop:

Sun signs are patriarchal. Yes, they are important. After all, we have father-wounds as well as mother-ones. But sun signs are masculine, outward, action-oriented, and of-the-world. All of which makes absolutely no difference until we are right with who we truly are, and are living in acceptance of and harmony with that. Big smack upside the head, because I myself had been living by my sun sign, and approaching everything from that ambitious, striving Capricorn perspective. Even as I was guided to center my coaching around a solid core of self-love, self-knowledge and self-care before venturing into the realms of outer-directed success-seeking.

And to go even further, as a rule for me, looking back, the sun, moon and rising sign have respectively been the Freudian Ego, Superego and Id.

So, the world is changing. Across the board, we are re-examining the structures that we’ve lived under, and have begun to imagine new, more inclusive and supportive structures. Which brings me back to the Age of Aquarius, and how today’s fabulous, energetic 1 degree Aquarius full moon (7:36 p.m. pacific) will bring with it the echoes of the lessons you have been called to master since the Aquarian convergence on February 11, and/or the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on the winter solstice, or even before then, perhaps the very destiny you were assigned you came into this life.

So, no pressure, right? Just make sure you ace the test 🙂

And here’s how to do that. I’ve often made the analogy of hiking up a mountain in a spiraling path. Each time you get to the same point, you can see it from a higher vantage point with more distance and detachment. And while you may be drawn to similar experiences, you can be more of an observer as you climb higher and look down upon old choices, habits, patterns and behaviors. Meditation will help. The conscious breakdown process I wrote about recently will help.

The question always at a full moon is how can we lighten our load, and what do we need to eliminate, reduce, release, delegate, down-size and organize.

The answer for each of us will be unique. And changing habits usually begins with a period of noticing what the habit is giving us, what are the conditions around which we engage in the habit. And usually through this, an insight arises, or another behavior is presented as a substitution. And sometimes we are just ready to shift.

Oftentimes, full moons draw us inward, and this one will bring us each some blessed solitude, in addition to lively social interactions, and a few spirited debates in the two weeks that follow. Honor yourself in choosing whether or not to engage with others during this time. Remember, your phone is there for your convenience, not the whims of others. You can always call them back.

While Saturn/Uranus square is helping us envision a new future, mostly out of necessity, and often through great pain, the other side of it is zealotry in the guise of non-conformity or self-governance. There are those who will not hear reason, and may become enraged by attempts to use logic. Meet them on their own turf, and use their own logic if you would try to persuade. Send love, and seek understanding, or just hang back for now.

Mars and Venus are close enough together, the conjunction bound by an adventurous opposition to Jupiter, so despite some relational drama, romance can flourish. Venus in discriminating Virgo may whittle down your dating choices, but singles who mix it up (change your online profile a bit, or open up to new ways to meet others) should be able to find a few good options.

Mercury in trine to Neptune increases spiritual and creative communications. My fellow writers of poetry and fiction will find inspiration. Yay! And those who meditate and engage in meditative activities will receive stronger intuitive and spiritual guidance. If you are a writer or one who channels spirit, think of yourself more as a secretary, and do what you can (eat lightly, meditate, be more in the body than the mind) to become a blank canvas on which the muses can write, paint, draw or speak.

The whole reason we are here is to divest ourselves of the ego. Or let’s just say transcend it, rise above it and its trappings because this is not the real deal. This is one of the reasons I’ve always felt drawn to a more moon-centered astrology. On one hand, my sessions won’t change much. One the other hand, a small shift in perception may change everything for you as it did for me. Let’s explore that aspect of you beyond the ego, that beautiful luminary that hovers above it all, the true self, the knowing of which makes all else possible.



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