Thursday’s full moon (6:53 a.m. pacific) will bring opportunities that rarely present themselves. The only conundrum is, we will need to cultivate the right blend of commonsense wisdom and mindful intuitive prowess in order to notice when a golden door is being held open for us in the midst of a lot of frenetic energy, flashing lights and background noise.

And if we view everything that happens as an opportunity to be and do better, we are more likely to see what we need to see as the Gemini sun lights up every shiny object, and presents a dazzling and deafening array of options.

It is more important now than ever to go inward, to take larger and larger chunks of time away from technology and media, and to ask our own guidance for the answers we seek.

When I look at any chart, I look for which planets or luminaries are making the most waves, or aspecting the most other celestial bodies. In the case of this full moon’s chart, it’s Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. And the cool thing is that all the aspects are good. Which can mean that people in positions of power will be friendlier and more accessible than usual.

Pluto, which is retrograde now, is also about spiritual growth and healing, and these can be easier to attain when Pluto is retro and well-aspected. Ask yourself what needs healing, completion and release and get to work on that. Anything that gets in the way of your forward progress and fulfillment of your grand vision is fair game now. And if you don’t work on it, don’t worry, it will remind you.

The moon is almost as aspected as Pluto, but, being a full moon, the aspects here are more challenging. Three of these aspects are oppositions, which, by definition, bring tension, but also the possibility of complementary energies working together for maximum success. Remember when I told you how Jupiter is lucky no matter the aspect? Well, Jupiter, as well as Venus, and of course, the sun are the three bodies opposing the moon. No matter what happens, believe and expect that good will come of it.

And speaking of Jupiter and Venus, the two benefics are in very close conjunction. This, in itself, is highly fortunate. The fact that they oppose the moon only means that one has to break a few eggs to make an omelet. But if feelings are hurt, and they likely will be, there will be a chance to either come to a greater understanding with another, or, if this is a too-common experience, perhaps the choice between the self and the other is highlighted in such a way as to be undeniable. And the right choice here can be life-altering in a fabulous way.

Another thing I notice when looking at this chart is three planets at the 29th, or last, degree. One of my astrology mentors, Carolyn Precourt, called this the degree of tears. So there will likely be a serious overtone, even in the lighter moments. But we can’t have the light without the dark. What planets do you have in the later degrees?

Two of these planets are the aforementioned Jupiter and Venus, and the other is Neptune. Venus and Neptune in good aspect, as they are here, lead to true love. Following a full moon, true love may come through releasing anything that isn’t on its level. Ask yourself, what would true love do in this situation?

And Jupiter and Neptune in this aspect brings luck through spiritual growth meditation, and tuning in to intuition. Could it be that a deal or opportunity will just “feel right”? Knowing the difference between intuition and what we want to be true is one of the most valuable discernments we can cultivate. Take time to meditate on what this feels like. Think of a time you got something you wanted, and had a knowing beforehand. How did that differ from the feeling of wanting something and not receiving it? For me, the difference was relaxation. In the first instance, I was able to chill and let go because I’d already done all I could. In the latter case, I felt more anxious and out-of-sorts.

And while few will make it through this two-week period without challenges, especially those which elucidate what makes the soul buoyant versus what makes it feel waterlogged, these are important feelings to experience, and it’s even more important that, once armed with this knowledge, we take action. That is precisely what the waning moon period is about. As the moon sheds its light, we become more introspective, go inward, and reduce our dependence on the outside world.

Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, the two weeks following a full moon are best used for release, completion, reduction and elimination. What work do you need to do in these areas?

And while I’ve talked about some of the heaviness, what with the late-degree planets and multiple moon oppositions, there will also be wonderful moments of levity and joy. Nobody does carefree and happy quite like Sagittarius. And the sun and moon are at 3 degrees Sag, which is light-hearted and unapologetic at the same time. Be yourself unreservedly, and if people don’t like that, they can take their picnic somewhere else.

Here are a few important carryovers from transits that have been going on for a while. The first is Jupiter and Neptune near-conjunct, which should bring creative, expansive ideas and insights. Another is Neptune and Pluto in friendly aspect, which doubles down on my assertion that it’s a good time to do spiritual and emotional work on yourself, as deep insight and truth are swimming closer to the surface now, and healing old pain and trauma may bring tangible results faster now.

Overall, this looks like a good one. Of course, a lot depends on where all this energy falls in your chart. If you want to know what is most beneficial for you to focus on now, let’s talk!

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