Tuesday’s 9 degree Aquarius full moon (what is around 9 degrees in your chart?) may have find many of us feeling pulled in several different directions.

Perhaps you’re already feeling this. Maybe you’ve given or received an ultimatum and/or feel like you’re waiting to see how things will turn out, what ripples your efforts will make, and whether your labors will return what you hoped for.

This moon is a reminder that you have more power to influence events than you may give yourself credit for, and you have more ability, though the work that you do now, to make a difference in the world.

The Aquarius full moon always reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s short poem; Me/We. That’s it. That’s the poem. And it illustrates the main tension of an Aquarius full moon, the tension between the Leo sun (Me) and the Aquarius Moon (We).

It’s a good time to look at the me/we balance in your own life. One will usually be a little or a lot heavier than the other, and to endeavor to bring these two polarities into more balance.

The first way we do this following a full moon is to look at what needs to fall away and why. Where have we been over-giving, and where have we been self-absorbed when more altruism, generosity or community may be called for?

One of the positives of this full moon and the two weeks following it is that the work that we do now will bring a reward in some way. The trine between Mars and Jupiter is a highly positive aspect, which tells us to work for that which we aspire to above all else, and to work with great certainty of purpose. This is such a good aspect that it would be a waste to work only for money now. If your job is one that you’re doing only for financial benefit, it would behoove you to do a sacred guardian ceremony, releasing your emotional attachment to the job and viewing it from this point forward as a temporary position as you work toward your dream vocation.

Relationships may be challenged around and in the weeks following this full moon, as both Venus and Mercury are in difficult aspect to heavy-hitters now. Expect that communications may be charged now, and that the best-laid plans will sometimes go awry. While Mercury is not yet retro (that will happen on August 23, with the storm, or pre-retro period beginning on August 15) it is opposed Saturn. I would say to watch what you say now, but just as much trouble may come from NOT speaking up, so the best course of action may be just to be present and true to yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

Here’s one argument I can predict with some certainty with Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus: couples will fight about money, in particular extravagant purchases, as one partner will always be more frugal than the other. Also, watch for some role-reversal, and arguments over trivial things escalating. Breathe. And have at the ready a new way to respond to a common problem.

Pluto and Neptune are in favorable aspect now AND not in difficult aspect to other planets, which could intensify intuition and spiritual guidance by removing some of the interference and distraction. If you have been asking for and/or working toward more reliance on your own intuition, this is a good time to create more pockets of silence for meditation and focus. Also, pay attention to hunches, dreams and the like. Write down your ideas. Since there is one positive aspect to both planets now, their fellow heavy-hitter Uranus, there are many life- and world-changing ideas floating around now. Be a blank canvas as much as possible if you want the muses to use your hand to bring forth brilliance.

Oh, and remember when I said about no bad Jupiter aspects, unless one has a tendency toward excess? Well, the moon and Jupiter are caught in a square during this full moon. Which means honor your spiritual life and emotions. Try not to hang out with people who are vexations to your soul now, or at least minimize your dealings with them, as you will probably be more sensitive to blustery and boastful types. But luck and all manner of opportunity come from being among your true kindred spirits as well as allowing yourself to feel what you feel and moving through it rather than avoiding it. And those who take my advice about heeding intuitive nudges may receive great benefits from this aspect as well. Also, noticing what you tend to do when emotional and preparing for that in advance. One common downside of moon/Jupiter challenges are overindulgences.

To sum it up, while every full moon brings challenges, this one could be particularly motiving and energizing, especially for those who are willing to look at what comes up, and do the work of healing, adjusting and re-balancing.

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