Friday’s Aquarius new moon (2:59 p.m. pacific) not only ushers in the new year, it gives us an opportunity to start it off powerfully, making new starts in all the areas that are important to us.

But what is most favored over the next two weeks, and how can we use this time to set ourselves up for a fabulous year of the dragon?

Well, Mars and Venus cozied up in Capricorn can deepen commitments in love, and offer help in attracting a good long-term partnership. So if you’re single and looking or in a relationship that you want to deepen, this is very good news. Gifts of service and thoughtful, practical moves in the romance arena will go a long way now.

Over the year, there will be a few challenges to relationships, so the more you strengthen your connection now, the better for weathering the dramatic twists and turns the dragon is sure to present.

Communications is a focus of the next two weeks, and the dragon year as a whole. Use your voice to help create the change you want to see in the world and your own life. Ask for what you need and want. And if you believe in something, whether it be your business, a charitable cause, or saving the world, make sure you are writing, speaking, posting and texting about it. You really can’t go overboard here, although you do want to know your audience and adjust your message accordingly. Reading the room will be an important skill in the dragon year, and many who don’t do this will crash and burn in spectacular fashion.

And speaking of fashion, this is the year to make bolder, more vibrant choices. Start that by buying a new garment to wear in the upcoming days. You will want to stand out more than blend in this year.

And though it won’t be a time entirely without conflict, embracing change wherever you find it rather than fighting it will bring unexpected benefits. The mantra “For what might this be good?” may come in handy in fast-moving times of change.

Remember, the dragon year is all about change, and this new moon will provide a few of every flavor. Don’t rush to judgment. I know, this is something I say a lot, but I’m saying it because ultimately, every time Jupiter shows up, it’s a good thing. And if it doesn’t seem that good, wait a few minutes, OK maybe longer in some cases, but Jupiter is definitely in play in the chart of this new moon.

But the most important thing I can say about this time period that begins on Friday and lasts until the full moon on February 24 is that you want to use this time to tell the new year what is important to you by making token starts in all the pursuits that are important to you.

Ask yourself what are your top 3-5 goals for the upcoming year, then get as prepared as possible for the opportunity you want to create. And also be aware that it may not look like you expect it to.

Intuition is important now, and you will be guided to make important changes in the year ahead. Trust yourself and follow your hunches. But also do your research. The dragon loves risk, and you may be drawn to take a few chances over the next two weeks, but make sure you have the knowledge to support your leap.

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