Tomorrow’s 6 degrees Aries full moon (2:57 a.m. pacific) may be your invitation to make that big move.

What planets do you have around the 6 degree mark, particularly in fire signs and cardinal signs?

Whatever you’ve been thinking about with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, whatever has been calling to you to explore, or whatever you dream of doing more of, this lunation has something to say to you about that bigger leap.

And if you took my advice around the Virgo new moon and set intentions toward which you made incremental progress, all the better.

And even if you answered the question I posed in the headline of this article with a “Well, not quite yet, because all my ducks aren’t in line yet…” be open that what you want may come sooner, via a different route, in disguise, or some other way that may have you taking the leap, or at least a formidable step toward it sooner than later.

I say this because this full moon brings us the impetus to move forward in a mostly harmonious way.

The heavy-hitting outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus), move slower, but contain big energy for change. And they are in configurations that largely favor positive change and the kind of cooperation we don’t usually see from these transformational planets.

When I see this kind of configuration, one thing I know for sure is that those hard things we all need to do must be done now. And they will be considerably easier now than if we wait. I promise.

Another reason for this is an unaspected Saturn. Saturn is the planet of authority, discipline and restrictions. But no aspects during any given moon is good news, kind of like the boss looking the other way.

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been feeling the pull to check things off the “Don’t Wanna” list. And I have found that once I stopped dodging them, they weren’t that bad/scary/daunting at all.

If you start by making such a list, and following this full moon, begin to check things off over the next two weeks, you will find that your load is considerably lightened, and that many if not all of these accomplishments worked out to be easier or more pleasant than imagined.

Remember, a full moon and the two weeks following it is a time of release, reduction, completion and elimination. Focus on clearing these things first so that you are ready to make that big leap in the direction of your grand vision sooner than later.

One thing I like to look at when I’m looking at a lunar chart is: which planets are most aspected. This chart has three: Uranus, Neptune and Mercury. and most of these aspects are favorable.

Uranus is the visionary. It strives to make the world better. The flip-side is disruption, sudden events such as catastrophic weather, war, and all manner of uprising. Yes, these things will happen, but so will positive organization of like-minded people creating good change. If you are a visionary, this is a great time to enlist support in your world-bettering vision.

Neptune is intuition, spirituality and healing. Its opposite is substance abuse and other means of escapism. This is an ideal time to seek help for any addition. It will be easier now than it will be later. And if your vision includes a healing practice, get the word out in a bigger way, as your people are looking for what you have to offer now.

And speaking of getting the word out, Mercury is our planet of communications and commerce. Yup, I’m pointing back at myself here. Time to go a little bigger on communications. Especially since Mercury and Uranus are in favorable aspect. This means social media as well as traditional media, publishing and generally sticking your neck out and talking about what you’re all about.

Any not-so-great aspects? Well, Venus has a hot/cold thing going on, which could cause wild relational swings. Uranus squares the goddess of love, so there could be unsettling developments that affect relationships. However, Mars and Venus are friendly, so things will probably work out if the relationship is strong and compatible at its base.

Another thing: dreams and visions could be a bit cryptic now, with Mercury and Neptune opposed. If a dream is vivid and calls attention to itself, sit with it in meditation. Greater levels of intuition and guidance are opening now for those who are willing to cultivate, meditate, discern and trust in the process.

And let’s not forget the moon/sun dynamic of Aries and Libra. Aries says take care of yourself before others, but do give to others and nurture relationships. Take needed alone time, but be social in good measure. And if people are not returning your good will, chill on them for a moment. Allow others to see your value and come toward you. Meanwhile, go after your professional and personal goals as you feel guided, making sure you have cleared out enough room for them in your life, house and schedule.

Overall, this is another positive lunation, with the most harmonious aspects in earth and water signs. If you’re heavy on earth and/or water, definitely take a leap or two as guided. Jupiter, the planet of all good things is at 14 degrees Taurus now. Where does this fall in your chart?

Air and fire types may be more challenged now, with fewer “backup” aspects (although if the sun and moon at 6 degrees are favorable to your air/fire, that can be helpful). So if you are heavy on air and/or fire, balance is the key word. Don’t over-do, -give, or -spend right now unless guided by spirit. But if guided, it is important that you do call upon your courage and make the move. While the support you need may not be visible at the outset, if you are truly guided, it will appear.

If you want to look at exactly how this lunation affects your chart, and which activities are most favored (and what to hold off on) now for maximum success, let’s talk!

Harvest Moon Blessings,


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