Tonight, Wednesday’s 29 degree Aries solar eclipse (9:12 p.m. pacific) might be just the catapult that you need, as long as you don’t let yourself be highjacked by the rude/crazy/aggressive energy that is sure to show up alongside it.

Yep, it will be another of those interesting times. Maybe you’re already feeling it? The news, crazy as it has been, will only get more revelatory and dramatic now and over the next month. Fortunes will be won and lost. Light will be shone in dark places, and the truth will come out of a lot of its hiding places. Showdowns that were a long-time-coming will come out into the open as well. Trust that it is all for good. Sometimes the truth emerging after a long hiding is rough, but truth is what is needed now.

Remember how I’ve talked about the degrees? The first and last degree of any sign is the most pure and true representation of each sign. This is why I’ve long said that there is no “cusp”, meaning that if you’re one degree Aries, you’re super-Aries, not on the Pisces/Aries cusp (you may have some Pisces tendencies because other planets, such as Venus and Mercury travel close to the sun, and may be in Pisces). This goes almost double for the last degree, the 29th. My friend Carolyn Precourt referred to this degree as the degree of tears. And this eclipse is at the very end of the 29th degree, and although that’s minutes away from Taurus, it couldn’t be more seriously Aries.

Which planets do you have around the 29th degree? If these planets are in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sag), or cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you will be particularly affected by this eclipse.

And make no mistake, an eclipse can be a powerful way to leverage a transformation. By knowing where the eclipse occurs in your chart (house placement is just as important as planetary aspects), you will know where to focus, what to pursue, and just as importantly, what to hold off on.

So basically, we’re talking about a highly concentrated energy that wants to propel itself forward. Add to the mix a Mercury retro, and, yeah, this should be a lot of fun.

And speaking of Mercury retro, here are the details. We’re already in the storm period, where things are a bit wonky, or, let’s say “creative”. Friday begins the retro proper, which means heads-up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, for a little extra trickery as the time around Mercury changing directions is often fraught with even more shenanigans than the rest of the cycle. The retro will go until May 14, but give it about five more days to get out of the storm period.

Do I mean to say that you shouldn’t do anything of import during a Mercury retro? No. I’m definitely not a Mercury retro alarmist. But do double-check, back-up, read the fine print, and be flexible, packing both a plan b and a sense of humor. And be on the lookout for ideas. I’ve said it before, but Mercury retro can be likened to being drunk and thinking you’ve just had the best idea ever, but often in the sober morning light, it doesn’t look that great. That’s OK, you’ll get all kinds of ideas. Some actually will be good. But unless you hear the angels trumpet, maybe hold off on big decisions, commitments, purchases or investments.

Again, this will depend a lot on your own chart as some Mercury retros go by without incident if aspects are “soft” or lacking. And, coupling the retro with the eclipse, a lot will also be determined by your level of patience and ability to know the difference between being guided by spirit and goaded by emotion, impatience, ego or a sense of entitlement into action. Again, hold off unless you feel the genuine nudge from spirit.

One thing Aries is good at is honesty. Take a moment to tune in and ask where the impulse or impetus is coming from. Do you need to move quickly or can it wait? Is this move truly aligned with your purpose and destiny? The north node is conjunct the sun/moon, however, the node, indicator of purpose, is in Taurus, which is a slower-moving sign. Tune into that rather than just the urgency with which Aries seems to approach everything.

Another bit of good news about this eclipse: Jupiter in Aries is also conjunct the sun and moon. This brings opportunity, luck, expansion, learning and travel.

Uranus and Mercury are also conjunct, in Taurus. Expect bombshell journalism and perhaps one or two important scientific discoveries. Anyone who works in the investigative fields can be helped by this eclipse. Indeed, eclipses have a way of shedding light on things that have been allowed to stay in darkness for a while. This includes car problems, plumbing issues and all manner of ghosts in machines that act up and often make themselves known during eclipse cycles.

Remember also that eclipses are great for making the imagined real, as there is a bit of magic in the between-eclipses suspension of natural laws. Things will operate a bit differently, and solutions can be found by tilting one’s head in the other direction. Seek out new perspectives. A-ha moments abound during this time.

The troublemakers in this eclipse chart: Pluto squares the sun and moon. So maybe, but just maybe, you don’t ask the boss, as often the powers that be will block progress at the outset. Not in every case, but in many, it may be better to ask forgiveness rather than permission. Again, trust your gut and guidance. Ask yourself if you strongly believe your course of action to be right. Boldness is another Aries quality. And it often does, to loosely quote Goethe, have genius, magic and power in it. In fact, I would argue that boldness is Aries’ particular brand of genius.

Venus and Saturn, too are in challenging aspect. Yep, this can bring up problems in relationships, especially if one partner is not pulling their weight or doing what has been promised to the other. Saturn is the traffic cop of planets, so be mindful here whichever partner you are in this equation. There will be few partnerships that don’t run into a few bumps around and between eclipses. Knowing this can make it easier.

Another thing to remember: a solar eclipse is a new moon, but kind of on steroids. Which means it can alternate between the storm and the calmer eye of the storm. But nonetheless, it is a storm. And those who will weather it best and become more of who they are meant to be because of it will see it as an opportunity. Likely, they will know where the impact will be greatest, and where to focus their energies. If you want to know where this falls in your chart and what it aspects–and what this all means for you, let’s talk!

Want to get even more info about the eclipse and how I see it unfolding over the next two weeks? Want to use this magical time to step more boldly into your own greatness? I put up a mini “moon circle” video today on Patreon. Join me there for lucky days, moon-informed tarot, lunar musings and more!

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