Monday’s Aries solar eclipse (11:20 a.m. pacific) brings us a gust of energy, that, if rightly applied, can create powerful forward movement and give us a boost to the next level.

One of my favorite things to do is take that first look at a chart, whether it be a natal chart or a chart of a lunation such as this Monday’s Aries solar eclipse. It gives me an immediate sense of the soul and and purpose of who or what the chart is about.

This one is very powerful and concentrated. The power comes from a number of factors. First, the fact that Aries is one of the most powerful signs, ruled by Mars, and that there is a stellium (group) of planets concentrated in the sign of the ram, adding to the force and character of the lunation.

Indeed, most of this eclipse’s power comes from conjunctions, planets close to one another. After all, it is a solar eclipse, which means the sun and moon are at the same degree. But that’s not all. On either side of the sun/moon conjunction, we have Mercury and the north node, which is a sign of purpose.

Venus, too, is in Aries, though not conjunct the other Aries planets in the stellium. Venus is actually conjunct Neptune, which is in late Pisces, making this, believe it or not, a great time for true and unconditional love.

And speaking of power, there’s a friendly aspect, a sextile, to Pluto, which is the planet of power. This has several interpretations, only one of which is the power of love, particularly the unconditional kind, to burst through barriers. Yes, relationships will be challenged, have probably already been challenged under the pressure of Mercury retro and this eclipse cycle that began with the the March 25 lunar eclipse.

By the way, do you remember what the theme of that eclipse was? Well, it was a Libra moon, Libra being the sign of relationships, and an Aries sun, Aries being the sign of the self. So if you used it, as I advised, to get those two areas into better balance, you are ready for a nice up-leveling of your relationship(s) while maintaining your well-being and self-care practices.

But that’s not all the conjunctions I have to talk about. This one has been going on for a while, but nonetheless, is very important: Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter, as you probably know, is the planet of luck, expansion, and basically all good things. The only time we have a Jupiter problem is when we like and/or want something (or someone) too much. But mostly, Jupiter makes everything better. Uranus is sudden change, disruption and disruptors, but it’s also vision, large-scale communication, which is all media (particularly social media), revolution, and innovation.

Could the power of this eclipse cycle spur life-changing and revolutionary ideas. Yep. Guaranteed it already has spawned many. Want to get in on this? Meditate, be more in the body than the mind, take Einstein walks when you get blocked creatively, ask your guidance for the insights, and trust your gut. The more you can be a blank canvas, the more you will be inspired and guided.

Combine this with a Mercury retro, which promotes out-of-the-box thinking, and you should have some serious ideas. Yeah, some of them will be workable and some won’t once the Mercury retro haze has cleared, but write them all down anyway. Think of this time as an extended brainstorming session.

The last conjunction is Saturn and Mars. Both are heavy-hitting planets, and this conjunction, in Pisces, a sign which isn’t great for either planet, could be a bit frustrating. But here’s how to work this one: establish and adhere to a routine, and be disciplined, especially if you are creating art or doing healing work, both Piscean pursuits. Yes, meditation will help greatly. And temper the urge to jump in feet-first unless you hear the angels trumpeting, you’ve done your research, AND it’s your lucky day.

Having said that, there will be moments in which the leap will be divinely orchestrated and feel absolutely right. Yes, even during a Mercury retro in the weeks following an eclipse cycle. Tune in. Trust your gut, but at the least, make sure the moon isn’t void-of-course.

If you need to know your personal upcoming lucky days, and bright spots in the Mercury retro cycle, let’s talk.

And if your birthday’s near, or you have serious Aries, fire or cardinal sign placements, we really need to talk.

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