Tonight’s Cancer full moon (Tuesday, December 29 at 7:28 p.m. pacific) is exactly what we need to close out the calendar year of 2020. Although the January 1st “new year” has no astrological significance, and the year we know as 2020 is actually the rat year which began on January 25, 2020 and goes until February 11, 2021, this particular flip of a calendar page can be significant in that it’s a perfect “dry run” for your (real) new year’s intentions. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for your actual 2021, the hard-working, practical year of the ox.

I will talk more about the year of the ox over the next month or so, but suffice it to say that the ox year will require practical actions, taking care of business and using your talents in the most effective way possible. If you’ve been reading these articles and heeding my advice to take care of practical matters due to Saturn’s heavy influence this year, you have prepared yourself well for the upcoming ox year.

And that the calendar year 2020 ends with a cathartic full moon in the emotional sign of Cancer, highlighting some of the key challenges the year brought us, is significant in that it allows us to come face-to-face with the year’s challenges and see them all in a new light, as well as to clear out anything that you don’t want to bring with you into 2021.

One of my favorite late-December practices is to look back on the lessons that arose in the outgoing year and how I have shifted perspective on those issues. Or how I am still working on shifting my perspective. That will be a big part of my focus for the next two weeks.

When the moon is full, habits of elimination and reduction take center stage. As the moon waxes over the two weeks following tonight’s full moon, we have an opportunity to release old patterns, actual physical clutter, extra weight, undesirable habits and anything else that does not serve our highest good.

And this particular full moon is an emo one, the moon being in Cancer, the sign of feelings, women, mothering, and the stomach. My bet is that most of us have issues that pertain to one or more of these areas, and that these issues arose in the emotionally-challenging year of 2020.

Pluto has been a key player throughout 2020, and this full moon reminds us that we are still dealing with Pluto issues of power and revolution. Mars in its home sign of Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This can bring on power struggles or exacerbate ongoing skirmishes. Remember the lesson of the great conjunction (Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius) and approach old issues in new ways. Expect challenges, but be prepared to respond in ways that get the dialog moving in a different direction. Change the focus.

Move with the changes, rather than against them. Try saying yes to what happens rather than resisting. With the sun trine Uranus, many of the changes visited upon us now will ultimately be beneficial. Again, changing your immediate reaction will open you to realizing benefits sooner than later.

I often refer to the Cancer full moon as the “trying not to cry at work” moon. It’s official title is the cold moon. And you may feel that others are being insensitive during this time. You may feel like taking time off or doing more to care for your emotional body right now. I say go for it. Set boundaries and be willing to enforce them. But be flexible and compassionate toward others who are feeling out of sorts. This is one of those full moons where many may be surprised by their emotions and reactions.

But back to that bit about changing habits. Use the next two weeks not only to be intentional about changing habits, but also to notice what takes you off your game. Be forgiving of yourself, but remain accountable. That’s a tricky balance. But oftentimes, when setting intentions, particularly those of the “new year’s resolution” stripe, we tend to be rigid and absolute, often not accounting for what very real obstacles could trip us up.

Remember, the character and tenor of the year has yet to change, although the energy of the conjunction on the winter solstice brought in some hope and perhaps a sense of renewed vision. Be gentle with yourself as you take steps toward that vision.

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