Monday’s 5 degree Cancer full moon (4:33 p.m. pacific) has one of those charts that I love to see in a lunation, especially a full moon, which by definition brings some tension, as a string of harmonious aspects shows that very cool things can happen, often in a chain-reaction sort of way.

While the sun and moon are in opposition, and in Capricorn and Cancer, respectively, which can highlight tensions between work life and emotions, or career path vs. soul’s path, and can be one of the more difficult full moons when the two are not aligned. And Mercury retro in the mix (which changes direction on January 1, but give it another week to get up to speed) can muddy the waters further and seem to make things worse temporarily.

But if we look at a full moon as a celestial spotlight that is aimed to shine on that which has been easier not to look at too closely, and that now is a good time to work to heal those dark places that are causing dissonance and distress, we will open ourselves to more of the cool stuff that shows up in the chart of the lunation.

And this one is mostly good news. Let’s start with that chain reaction.

A sextile is an aspect of friendship and teamwork, and when several planets form a chain-sextile, they can work together for optimum success. We have such a chain in this full moon chart. It starts with the moon (in Cancer): soul’s purpose, feelings–which passes the ball to Jupiter (in Taurus): luck, expansion, learning–which in turn kicks to Saturn (in Pisces): playing by the rules, discipline, routine, accountability–which then kicks it to the sun (in Capricorn): life force, energy.

It’s not hard to see how we can rock this chain of events over the next two weeks! I’m pretty excited about this one, actually. It will be especially effective if you know where these nice aspects fall in your chart. What do you have around the 0 -10 degree mark? Maybe your chart can send in a few players to increase the teamwork. This is going to be one of my favorite things to talk about over the next week!

Want some more good news? Well, trines are even better than sextiles, representing love and synchronicity. And we’ve got the moon and Saturn working together nicely, which tells us that we are going to perform and feel better when we have routine, discipline and a few helpful restrictions.

Another trine is that between Neptune and Venus, which really is all about true love. Partnerships will flourish under this one, as long as we have our eyes open. Beware anything that seems too good to be true, of course, but if the relationship has been tested, and one or both partners have grown, this can be a wonderful commitment-enhancing aspect. And add to that a sextile between Venus and Pluto, which tells us that boundaries will only strengthen the right partnership.

OK, there’s the good news. Other than the Mercury retro and the moon/sun opposition tension, there’s only one other little hook: Neptune squaring Mercury and Mars could bring some deceptive and/or aggressive communications, as well as the disappointment that comes with too-high of expectations. Try not to expect too much from others now, as this is the transit that magnifies the gap between expectation and reality, and in most cases, if we chill and wait until the moon settles down and Mercury turns around, who knows, maybe the reality isn’t really that bad.

So here we are, sailing straight into one of those manufactured New Year’s Days. As you may know, your new year is your true birthday, and the lunar new year is an actual astrological, not just calendar, event. I’ll be talking more about the upcoming year of the Dragon shortly. But why not use the calendar new year to create the change you want to be in the world? I look at it as a great reason to hit reset, and since we begin the new year shortly after a full moon, this can be a good one for clearing out those things that no longer serve us, whittling away at our unwanted habits and clearing the way for more fabulousness!

And if a New Year’s reading is your bag, let’s talk. Also, I can’t wait to look at how these helpful aspects work with your chart to make things even better!

I’m back to work starting tomorrow after a nice two-week break, so if you left a message, I’ll be getting back to you soon. I hope you also had a fabulous winter break/holiday season, and that the celebration continues!

Full Moon Blessings,


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