I have a nickname for the Cancer full moon, because in my line of work, I often see patterns that coincide with certain planetary events , and when the sun in practical Capricorn opposes the tender Cancer moon, it can bring work and emotions together in a not-so-comfortable way. I call it the “trying not to cry at work” moon.

And that’s when it’s just a regular full moon.

But this one is an eclipse, and not only that, it’s a super-Capricorn-intensive lunar eclipse (Friday, January 10 at 11:21 a.m.). The moon, which symbolizes emotions, which wants love and acceptance, is all alone facing off against five Capricorn planets (the sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto) who are playing for the Capricorn team, and want what Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn wants: discipline, exceptional work and rule-following.

So…discipline, exceptional work and rule-following it is.

However, if you read my last email, and took my advice about noticing emotions, patterns and behaviors of the past coming up again to be looked at in a different way, you’ve got a jump on this one, particularly if you examined and/or did some work on what came up. And you probably have a pretty good idea of what might come up around this eclipse.

Remember, I said that the December 25 solar eclipse would likely give you a preview of your coming year’s themes. I’m guessing some of you paid attention, saw a few things to focus on, and set your new year’s intentions around the winter solstice or Christmas Day solar eclipse.

And if those intentions involve discipline, exceptional work and rule-following–OK, I don’t like that last one either, let’s call it self-accountability– well, all the better.

Imagine you are hiking up a tall mountain with a spiral path. Each time you reach a certain point, there is a lookout. You stop and notice that you were just here, but now you can see it from a higher vantage point.

So your partner is saying the same thing s/he’s always said about this or that habit or behavior of yours. You notice that the last time you were at this point, you were defensive, in fact that is your default for this conversation. What is the point of an eclipse? Change. Seeing differently. Then doing differently.

Another thing I mentioned was that if you did that eclipse right, this one is where the money is. The payoff comes from turning an ineffective pattern on its head, and with an eclipse, that payoff might just come from doing the opposite of what you normally do. If you saw openings for doing that around the last eclipse, maybe even practiced it a bit, you will be more likely to make these changes, which will clear the way for the realization of your intentions.

Exploring opposites is a good way to change habits, and changing habits is a great place to focus your energy around eclipses. An eclipse temporarily suspends natural laws, and sheds light on the dark places. Yes, secrets will come to light. Both hidden difficulties and hidden solutions may arise. Be mindful and alert and be open to receiving truth. Breakthroughs become highly probable during this time.

There are larger themes in play here, of course. The planet is reaching a critical juncture in its evolution. The question is evolution or devolution. So never has there been a more crucial time to be for what you are for, rather than focusing more energy on what you’re against, and what divides us. Remember the Capricorn themes: hard work, discipline, and being accountable to yourself for creating the reality you want to live in. The kind of changes to make during an eclipse cycle are those changes that will define you and live on after you are gone.

An eclipse asks the question: What is it that I can’t turn away from?  Then turn toward it, shed light on it.



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New Moon Circle – Friday, January 24 at 6:30 p.m.

I’m having a New Moon Circle on the evening of Friday, January 24 to celebrate the Aquarius New Moon AND The Lunar New Year!

We’ll discuss planetary happenings for the  month, what with the recent eclipses that have created fertile ground  for manifestation and transformation, and how to maximize your chances  of success in all areas during this time. AND we’ll talk about the lunar  year of the Metal Rat, and what it means for you! We’ll also do a  fabulous energy-enhancing manifestation circle and talk about how each  of the signs can best navigate the upcoming transits. We’ll have  refreshments and snacks.

Date: Friday, January 24 at 6:30 p.m. The circle will last about 2 hours.
Where: My house in San Diego (Clairemont area). RSVP  to [email protected] to reserve your spot. I will limit this circle to 12 participants, so please let me know soon if you plan to attend.
Donation: $20.