Monday’s 25 degree Cancer new moon (what is within 5 degrees of 25 degrees Cancer/other water signs/other cardinal signs in your chart?) brings the party to you. And the party is mostly good stuff.

Yeah, a little drama, too. It wouldn’t be a party if there weren’t some intrigue, right?

But let’s start with the good stuff, as this is a new moon, and new moons tend to be mostly harmonious as the sun and moon are cozied up and in agreement. This one is in the sign of emotions, home, family, nurturing and self-care. And Cancer, as a water sign, is also highly intuitive.

Uranus is one of the heavy-hitters, and when this planet is in nice aspect to a new moon as it is now, much innovation, brilliance, and inventive ideas of all stripes are floating around in the ethers.

And what net should one use to catch these beautiful butterflies?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because with Neptune–another outer planet and slow-moving heavy-hitter–in loving trine to the sun/moon conjunction, the answer is: through mindful and meditative activities, dreams, hunches and, yep, intuitive readings 🙂

And in case Uranus and Neptune weren’t the only heavy-hitting, life-changing outer planets you wanted at your party, we’ve got Pluto, the planet of power and transformation in friendly aspect to Neptune, which could have major changes coming to you as a result of a choice made in concert with your intuitive knowing. Way cool, huh?

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep a journal of any ideas that come to me around this time and for the next two weeks.

And because it’s a new moon/waxing moon, I may also feel compelled to act on those ideas. Trust that inner voice and take a leap or two as you feel inspired.

OK, so what could go wrong?

Well, Venus, our love planet, has recently entered Leo. And she’s in challenging aspect, though moving away from the square with Uranus. So sudden shifts in relationship dynamics are still possible, Also, since Venus is the money planet, her transit through Leo often makes impulse-buying seem like great fun. Mercury is also in Leo, so bright-shiny-object syndrome is in the air now.

And Mercury in Leo (glitzy extravagance) squares Jupiter in Taurus (value-driven practicality), so I might meditate on any major purchases. However, Jupiter is usually a good thing, until it comes to biting off more than one can chew. Yup, if it involves a payment plan, make sure your heart and head are both on board. But for some (it’s really important to look at where this all falls in your chart), strategic purchases and investments may be just the ticket now.

Another aspect that could bring challenges: Mars opposed Saturn. Make sure you’re working toward what you really want to create now. Be deliberate and purposeful in your actions, keeping your grand vision in sight. Being centered will help, as others will try to pull you into what’s important to them.

This reminds me of the advice I give when I post about lucky times: be clear about what you want to achieve (and why) , perhaps make a list, and work joyfully, while also being flexible (but in this case, not overly flexible). Turns out the advice is just as good when we’re talking about a potentially difficult aspect.

Speaking of lucky times, there are two different kinds of lucky days and two ways to get ’em.

#1 Your personal lucky days. These are times, some of them lasting a day or more, some just an hour or two, in which transiting planets aspect your natal planets favorably. I can give you a list of these times at the end of your 1 hour or 1/2 hour session. Please request your lucky times when scheduling your session.

#2 General lucky days. Planets are in harmony with each other up in the sky. I post a few on Facebook, and pretty much all of them on Patreon.

As for me, I like to “layer” my lucky times, using both of these resources (I do the Patreon posting for my own benefit, referring back to my post often, as much as for those kindred spirits who subscribe). Many of my luckiest “breaks” have come from using my own personal lucky times that overlap with general lucky times.

I feel an article about this coming on. Stay tuned.

Hey, the two weeks following a new moon are perfect for refreshing and launching your grand vision into the world in a fabulous way that will get you immediate results! Yep, the Vision Attraction Session is on special. Check it out HERE!

New moon blessings,


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