Monday’s 11 degree Capricorn moon (what is within 5 degrees of 11 degree Cap in your chart?) is one of those full moons that I sometimes refer to as a kinder, gentler full moon. But of course, that won’t be true in every instance or for everyone, as full moons are full moons: tension and opposition is baked into the cake.

However, if you’ve taken my recent advice to be flexible when something unexpected or irritating comes up, and use the moment to pivot, you will be well-equipped to make the best of what this full moon and the two weeks following it has to offer.

One of the exercises I do with my coaching clients for the purpose of managing irritation and frustration is “Irritation Bingo”. Spend a week or so noticing your “triggers” from tiny-but-annoying to “I’d rather put bamboo shoots under my fingernails” (thanks to a particularly memorable grade-school teacher for that one). Put each entry on a square on a Bingo board. If you have that on your wall, phone or planner, I promise you’ll react differently to these common irritants. You get to check something off! Seriously. That alone gives you a little dopamine hit, which changes your experience of the irritant in the moment. And wait till you get to call out Bingo!

I’m not saying this because I expect this particular lunation to bring more stressors than most, but after all, the Capricorn/Cancer combo is one I sometimes refer to as the trying-not-to-cry-at work moon. Capricorn is career and Cancer is emotion. So, what could go wrong? And Mercury conjunct the sun gets in on the action on this one, so there’s the increased possibility of muttering something emo that comes back to haunt you in the workplace. But now that you know, you just might resist the temptation to over-share, or maybe throw a lifeline to a floundering colleague. See, knowledge is power. You can thank me later 🙂

But mostly, the aspects are positive. The Jupiter squares that I mentioned last newsletter have softened into friendly sextiles. So it looks like a lot of you are already making lemonade from the zesty fruit of the past few weeks.

And the moon itself is favorable to Jupiter, in a lovely trine. Seriously, all of it is there for your entertainment. Even when it seems, for a moment, that the joke is on you. But if you’ve read this far, you probably can have a good laugh at yourself. I’m just saying it’s a good skill to have now, especially those of you who are on the brink of big lucky breaks, you know, the kind you’ve worked for years to realize. This is often when more twists and turns show up. Keep your energetic vibration high, and correct course with mini-mediations and re-centering yourself when things take an unexpected turn.

Mars and Venus are conjunct in Leo, which in itself contains both good and interesting news. Nothing is ever boring with the sign of the lion, so there will be adventures, fun, and, yup, a little drama. And to make things even more sexy and/or potentially explosive, Uranus, the planet of sudden change and disruption is in challenging aspect to the cozy couple. My advice: mix up the routine, but be aware that new situations might trigger old fears and issues. Have backup plans, and be present and mindful.

But that’s really all the potential negatives. So here are a few more positive aspects.

Jupiter and Saturn are friendly now. If I was looking for a new job, I just might call, text, email or otherwise reach out to everyone with whom I’d had a positive working experience just to check in. In business? Reach out individually to past clients who have liked the work you’ve done for them.

Also, Jupiter and the sun are in good aspect. And the benefit of this can’t be overstated, If your birthday or lunar return is near, all the better. Things just work out better in the long run when you set ships out to sail during good Jupiter juju. So yeah, that would be now and for the next few weeks following Monday’s full moon.

And since you’re getting this before the full moon, use the time leading up to it to launch new projects, even if you do a token start in all the important areas now, then work on completing them after Monday’s lunation.

Remember, the two weeks following a full moon are about elimination, reduction, completion and inward focus. A fun tip I like to share is: if you want your hair to grow faster, cut it during a waxing moon (new to full) but if you want it to grow slower, cut it during a waning (full to new) moon. So if you have dark or gray roots, wait till after Monday’s moon.

So overall, I like this full moon for fun and forward movement. With Jupiter so happily aspected, several of us will see some of the ships we’ve set out to sail coming back laden with treasures. As you feel compelled, do the work to help this process along.

Also, Jupiter will be at 10 degrees Taurus at the full moon. What might that be doing in your chart? Remember, most Jupiter aspects are good aspects. If you want to know how all this is sparking in your unique map of the heavens, where to apply the most leverage for maximum success, abundance and enjoyment, let’s talk! And let me know when scheduling if you’d like a month’s worth of your personal lucky times!

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