Are you ready to make changes? If so, this is a great time to take action. Saturn, again, is very prominent overhead and in the chart of Monday’s Aries full moon (which will affect us for the next two weeks to a month), so taking small, consistent steps with integrity and purpose is very favored now.

As is usually the case with a full moon and the two weeks following it, this is a good time to release, conclude and re-purpose anything that has run its course. In a cruddy job? Do a release ceremony (even if you plan to work there until you find another job) and let go of your negative feelings about it. Think about going through your home and/or workspace to purge and recycle anything that no longer serves you. Want to shed a few pounds? Everything is on your side: Aries moon is all about physical energy, Libra sun strives for beauty and balance, and the Saturn square can really work for you if you put an accountability system in place and prepare what you will need in advance (healthy meals, scheduled workouts, a trainer perhaps). Saturn loves preparedness.

Also, this is a great time to think about the balance between yourself as an individual and others in your life. Look at any imbalances and address these. A Libra sun loves balance, and will be passive-aggressive when it’s not there. Take some time to care for yourself, but also care for others. A wonderful thing happens, as many of you know, when you do good for those who will never know and can’t pay you back. This is very different than our everyday giving to friends and family, and tends to bring more balance into our lives. Humanitarian work and all manner of volunteerism is favored now.

Sometimes there’s a little “hangover” period after a full moon, particularly a powerful one like this harvest moon (also known as “Corn Moon”). But by Thursday, September 27, with a Sun/Mars trine, you should be feeling more energized and motivated. Plus, we’ve got good aspects dominating both Thursday and Friday, which could bring opportunity and luck.

Pluto goes direct on Sunday, September 30. This could bring changes in the workplace and the public sphere related to power. Remember, we’ve got aspects of justice and reckoning on the table. Working with these influences will increase your personal power as well.

Harvest moon blessings,


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