We just had a beautiful full moon in Gemini on Sunday, and we are in the completion phase of the moon’s cycle. Add to that a Mercury retro, and the advice to chill, finish up old projects before the end of the calendar year, and be flexible goes double.

This week is a mixed bag of planetary influences. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we have a Mercury/Saturn conjunction, which can create more restrictions and delays of the Mercury retro sort, but Saturn is an easy planet to work with. Plan ahead, manage your time, follow the rules, and stick to a routine, but remember to be flexible and have a plan b. You can get a lot done under this influence if you’re not too attached to doing it your way.

Thursday is lucky with good moon aspects, and the good vibes continue through lunch hour on Friday. Remember to keep a record of any ideas you have, actually this is good advice for the whole retro period (until December 22) and storm period (a little less retro-y, but still not quite out of the woods, this goes until December 29).

The weekend could be interesting, with a Mercury/Uranus trine, which can fire up your purpose and passion. But the downside could be arguments and fiery tempers. Again, we’re dealing with a Gemini Mercury retrograde, which is a tricky transit, in Mercury’s opposite sign. Don’t stake any important relationships on what people say and do now.

I don’t know about you, but I like to chill as much as possible during the holidays. I’m usually not the one who cooks or organizes big gatherings, and my advice to keep it low-key applies to this year’s holidays especially. But if entertaining is your thing, and the gathering is at your house this year, be sure to meditate on what type of gathering you’d like to create. You can set the energy before the guests arrive. Consider forgoing the fiery red candles and stimulating holiday scents for pink or lavender candles and relaxing aromas. But above all, it’s about claiming the energy for peace and harmony, and centering yourself.

I also like the idea of mini-meditations before shopping, driving and attending holiday parties to keep your energy grounded during this often hectic time.

Remember to budget more time (and money) than you think you’ll need. Here’s another rundown on common Mercury retro wisdom: double-check everything, save receipts, be as organized as possible, have backup plans, expect the unexpected, and make the most of it. Repair, revise, re-do, and focus on completion, not perfection. And for this Mercury retro in particular, take a deep breath before reacting to triggering remarks (there will be a few).

We’ve got some nice events coming up: a fun Sagittarius new moon that should bring some relief on the 17th, Saturn moving into it’s home sign on December 20th, which will bring back some normalcy, the winter solstice, on the 21st, and some nice lucky days after that. Stay tuned on Facebook for these bright spots in the retro cycle and more planetary insights.

Happy Holidays!