Wednesday’s Leo new moon (2:38 a.m. pacific) is almost all the things one wants in a new moon: inspiring, energetic, and interesting. There are many markers for luck, brilliance, and breakthroughs. And while love, and all manner of relationships may meet a few obstacles, those who are patient and refrain from snap judgements may reap fabulous benefits here, too.

What are the obstacles? Well, we might as well get to those so we know how to navigate around them.

Well, the first is a Mercury retrograde coming up on August 23 -September 15. And as of today, we are in the storm period that makes things a tad murkier than usual as we gear up for the retro.

Mercury goes retro in Virgo, one of the signs that it rules. Virgo likes perfection, detail work and organization. So these are a few of the areas where we may see some Mercury retro slippage. Yep, things could get messy, and because the planet of communications, commerce, and just about everything goes retro conjunct Mars, you might be right if you guessed that tempers may flare, and perhaps most notably in folks who are normally more controlled and mild-mannered.

My standard Mercury retro advice applies here: Be flexible, have a sense of humor, and look for how a screw-up may bring opportunity or luck. Breathe. Be gentle with others. Double-check everything, And forgive yourself if an email with a few typos slips by you. Your inner control-freak will need extra love and care now.

Those who are prone to fantasy, escapism or excess may also get into trouble around this time. Neptune can be a wonderfully spiritual and insightful planet, but it’s opposition to Mercury and Mars may cause further misunderstandings and out-of -proportion reactions. And while any aspect to Jupiter can be positive, Jupiter’s biggest bugaboo is excess. Too much of a good thing could be a sub-theme of this lunation. So watch where you’re prone to overindulge, and be mindful that others may not have gotten the memo. This may be especially true in the areas of romance and finance, so watch what you spend and commit to now.

But good finds in both love and money are highly probable now, as we do have a grand trine, the luckiest aspect in astrology, in the chart of this new moon. This grand trine involves heavy-hitters Pluto, Uranus and Mars, and by extension, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Talk about a lively party!

How would I work with this to get the maximum bang for buck? Well, offer something seriously change-making and shout it from the mountaintops. Check out my offering HERE. Work on things that are deeply important to you, and make bold moves to get the attention of those who hold the keys to the opportunities you want. Meditate and ask for guidance through getting outdoors, being more in your body than your mind most of the time. Jot down ideas that come to you.

Want more good news? Retro Saturn is unaspected now, so it’s a little like having the boss go on vacation and not check in on you while s/he’s gone. Of course, this boss never stays away too long, so you’ll have to do the work, but those who enjoy self-governance and can come up with the goods once will do well now. Saturn goes direct November 4. And of course, it will be aspected again shortly, but the next two weeks, those who don’t appreciate or need micro-managing will do well on working in their own way.

Don’t get discouraged, as you will likely have to hear a few no’s before the big yes. Keep on moving. At the least, a few glimmers of light will shine through over the next two weeks. Keep moving toward your grand vision.

How does this fabulous and energetic party affect your chart? I love talking to those clients who call around the new and full moons, as these are times when so much change and “liftoff” is possible. Let’s talk!

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