Today, Wednesday’s 16 degree Libra full moon (9:34 p.m. pacific) could be a lucky one, but most of us are going to have to stretch a little to welcome the synchronicity and good fortune.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, and it’s right next to the Aries sun, which makes it opposite the moon. Jupiter is lucky no matter the aspect, and both a conjunction and opposition can bring happy twists and turns. But we will have to start (or keep on) turning in the direction of our desired results, and do what we can to prevent emotions from turning us in the opposite direction.

And Jupiter in opposition to the moon may cause our emotions to reach for things that we don’t really need. Excess is Jupiter’s only major pitfall. So look to where you may be prone to over- (eat, drink, do, spend, give, etc.) and pay special attention to these cravings and where they arise from over the next two weeks. Remember, a full moon begins a cycle of release, detoxification, reduction, and elimination. Taking on one of these areas mindfully could pay dividends.

But Jupiter conjunct the sun is mostly a good thing, A really good thing. If you know anything about your chart, you might want to look at the planets you have around 16-20 degrees, especially in fire or air signs, or Cardinal signs, especially Libra and Aries. Yep, if it’s near your birthday, or six months from it, we need to talk.

Chiron is the asteroid of the wounded healer, and the sun is also conjunct this important body. Which means that likely the areas in which we need to heal will be nudging us to do the work required for healing. And/or you may be drawn to study something healing-related. Heed this important call now, as there is a reason for it. Trust that tremendous good will come of this.

Communications that come from a place of purpose and power are favored now. Though you will want to make sure you’ve dealt with any emotions around these communications first, particularly when they are directed toward powerful people. With Mercury and Pluto squared, railing against the boss won’t do now. However, the difference that can be made now by communicating positively and firmly from the heart is not to be underestimated.

What types of activities are most favored now? Libra is the sign of justice, equality, balance, harmony and beauty. Whatever you do, have these ideals in mind, and work diligently, as Saturn is favorably aspected, and intentional work will bring rewards.

Libra’s ruling planet, Venus also chimes in with a sextile to Neptune and a near-conjunction with Uranus. Yes, there could be a little upheaval in partnerships, especially if one or both of you are embarking on a new path, but focusing on the love and respect at the heart of the relationship will help you to strengthen the connection.

This chart looks a bit like a kite, with the moon holding the string to the sun, Jupiter and Chiron. Anchor and balance yourself by attending to your emotions, being aware that impulses may chime in. Ask them what they really want from you. And take time to do those things that are most nurturing to your soul now.

There will be plenty of parties and opportunities for socializing. Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac. But you don’t necessarily need to go to them all. Check in, and if the answer is yes, get centered first, and don’t be afraid to leave early if need be. Libra’s biggest challenge is depleting the self in favor of showing up for everyone else. Balance and moderation in all things will serve you well now.

So overall, this is a very positive full moon. Use it to release or reduce something standing between you and more of your greatness. Listen to the urges toward healing. Strengthen relationships through communications. Work for justice, and strive for balance.

Full Moon Blessings,


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