Sunday’s Libra full moon (11:48 am pacific) comes with as much harmony as one can reasonably expect, given that it is after all, a full moon, which by definition is tension, as the sun (head) and moon (heart) are at opposite poles from each other.

However, while the sociable Libra moon hovers in the distance, away from all the other planets, her emissary, the planet Venus, cozies up to the sun in fiery Aries, which is flanked on the other side (though not conjuncted) by Neptune, the planet of unconditional universal love and spirituality in its home sign of Pisces, which is conjunct Mercury in Pisces.

And while the moon herself isn’t anywhere near the party, she is able to be there ‘virtually,’ with a trine to Saturn, which in turn, sends her regards to Mars, Venus and the sun. What does this mean? Well, the planets are, for the most part, working together harmoniously. And if you can’t be there one way, you can still make things happen through connections. It’s what we’ve been doing for over a year now, what with everything being virtual. Another interpretation of this is that partnerships, both personal and professional, can be formed by introduction and other third party means. Think dating websites, networking platforms and the like.

Another aspect of this particular Libra moon is that it requires a balance between social time and alone time. And with its trine to Saturn, your emotional state will benefit from routine, structure and discipline. Moderation is another saturnian keyword. So, yes, sometimes the best choice will be not attending the party.

In the chart of any moon, I always look for the troublemakers as well as the helpers. While Venus helps the aggressive Aries sun balance its masculine and feminine sides, be more considerate and mindful, and Saturn helps the moon and Mars feel more balanced and achieve more with ritual and boundaries, Saturn is challenged by Uranus, and Mars clashes with Mercury.

Uranus is the planet of upset and disruption. And this is likely going to be the mainstay of 2021, the difficult relationship between these two planets. Saturn is government, existing structure, rules and regulations, while Uranus is the independent thinker, and on the other end of the spectrum, the religious zealot, the conspiracy theorist. And Mars in Gemini squaring Mercury in Pisces further stirs the cauldron, pitting logic against emotion, and blurring the truth in the process.

What is the remedy? Realize that the Saturn/Uranus matchup is the defining aspect of 2021, and that this ideological battle won’t be won by argument, as Mars and Mercury squaring off would have us do. Instead, be Venus, considerate, balanced, respectful. Approach argument with curiosity, as in “Why do you feel that way?” or “How did you come to know that?” If you know the other person’s values, try to approach it from the perspective of those values rather than your own. Neptune and Mercury are conjunct in Pisces, which can soften communication with mindfulness. Be a listener first, and seek to understand before seeking to be understood. The listening meditation, which is tuning in to the essence of the person and giving that essence, or soul your full attention, even if the person is saying something that is offensive to your ego. Yep, it’s one of those simple but but easy kinda things.

And since the full moon often brings up triggers of a relational nature, conscious breakdown is another technique I recommend for releasing old emotional issues when they present themselves in new disguises. It is sitting with the feeling that comes up, noticing where in your body the pain or discomfort shows up, and breathing into the feeling until it shifts. Again, simple but not easy. I have done this several times since the last full moon, on seemingly small things that triggered bigger emotions. Each time it has helped me shift the energy. And if something is feeling stagnant or stuck, this is a good way to break through and get things moving.

As I always mention, the full moon and the two weeks following it is a time to pare down and wind down. Reduce, release and complete. This time favors elimination, detoxing and decluttering. At the last full moon, I embarked on a juice fast that lasted 22 days. Starting a diet or a cleaning regimen at this time will make for a more effective experience than if you start it at another time. And don’t be surprised if people who are not your people fall away, too. Allow them to go, making room for those who will value you more.

Remember that this is the year of up-leveling. Each of us has been given at least one invitation to transform in a meaningful way. It’s very likely you know where in your life you are being called to be better and play a bigger game. But if you would like support in seeing this or responding to the invitation, let’s talk.

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