Saturday’s 21 degree Libra Solar Eclipse (10:55 a.m. pacific) is another largely positive lunation, but let us not forget: an eclipse is still an eclipse.

Yes, a solar eclipse is generally more mild and harmonious than a lunar eclipse, which pits the sun and moon in opposition against each other. But even though the two luminaries are cozied up, in the sign of peace and partnership no less, there could still be a few sparks.

Eclipses are major planetary events. During the course of an eclipse, natural laws are momentarily suspended, and the time around and especially between eclipses is arguably one of those times in which the most major change is possible, because an eclipse is all about the disruption of the natural order.

And the chart of this particular eclipse continues the trend of outer planets in harmony, which makes change even more likely, and also easier to affect.

This can be both a positive and a negative. For example, it may be easier now to pursue a lifelong dream, but it may be just as effortless to say the wrong thing which leads to the end of something such as a job or relationship.

The latter may be particularly more possible now with an opposition between Venus and Saturn. The take-away: choose your words and battles wisely.

But Mars and Venus are in friendly aspect, so things probably won’t get out of hand unless the relationship is on already shaky ground.

As to the job issue, saying or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time could definitely bring consequences now, as Mars and Pluto are in challenging aspect.

But, seriously, nearly everything else about this eclipse chart is positive.

Mercury is conjunct the sun/moon combo, which reduces the likelihood of saying the wrong thing, although those prone to passive-aggressive expression may experience a bit more of that, since this is a behavior common to the shadow side of Libra.

in fact, much of the pitfalls of this lunation and the two weeks following can be avoided by managing one’s impulses and reactions, taking a few extra breaths and being mindful.

Libra is sociable, so gatherings will mostly strike the right balance between harmony and intrigue.

Jupiter, the planet of all good things, is unaspected now, at 13 degrees Taurus and retrograde, so luck for its own sake may be less likely now. But if you have planets in harmony with Jupiter, around that degree, especially in earth signs, maybe play the big powerball.

And speaking of individual charts, if your birthday, or your moon’s birthday (any Libra moons around 21 degrees?), is near, this could be a particularly exciting and changeable year for you.

If you want to look at exactly how this and the next eclipse affects your chart, and which activities are most favored (and what to hold off on) now for maximum success, let’s talk!

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