For almost as long as humans have been roaming the earth, we’ve been working with the moon, whether it be to hunt by its light or to know when to plant our crops or cut our hair. The moon can tell us when we are more likely to meet with success, and when to bide our time. As you probably know if you’ve been reading these articles for any length of time, the two weeks following a new moon are best for new beginnings, launches and growing things, while the two weeks following a full moon are more favorable to completions, releasing, and habits of reduction and elimination.

But the phases of the moon are only part of the story. There are many other factors to consider when timing activities by the moon. When the moon is in harmony with other planets, things go smoother. And there are periods of time when the best course of action is to chill and hold off on major decisions, contract signings, and the like. These are void-of-course moon periods, and they usually last for several hours. But not all void moons are bad. Some can even be lucky, depending on the sign. If you are interested in keeping abreast of what the moon is doing, consider joining my brand new Patreon page to learn exactly where the moon is and what it’s favorable for at any given time.

But for the purposes of this article, I will concentrate on the sign in which the moon briefly resides as a way to determine what is favored. Every 2 1/2 days the moon enters a new sign, thus completing its journey through all twelve signs in 27 1/2 days. Any astrological calendar will tell you what sign the moon is in. Let’s start with the sign the moon rules.

Cancer. When the moon is in the sign of the crab, people are more emotional, moody, and/or cranky, but also more intuitive. Cancer is the sign of the “gut feeling”. Trust this, and try to stay as centered as possible when the moon is in its own sign. Be flexible and flow with your changing emotions. Spend time with your family, or alone rather than in large groups. Cancer is also the sign of home. Nurture yourself. Eat healthily and be aware that there may be a tendency to seek comfort in food.

Leo. Now you will be more inclined to be social and have fun with others. You will enjoy being with children or engaging in childlike activities. You may want to get on stage, be generous with others, and/or go shopping. But beware of impulse-driven behaviors. And try to keep your ego in check. Much ado can be made of little right now, so mind the drama.

Virgo. This can be a very studious and/or meditative and spiritual time. What is your favorite form of meditation? Do that, but maybe try a new one. Cleaning and organizing can be meditative, as can be any activity requiring concentration. Read, write, and especially edit your work. You may have more patience now and you may be able to complete tasks you’ve been resisting.

Libra. This is another social one. Libra loves mixing with others. It’s also a good sign for conversation, partnership and romance. Beautify yourself and/or your environment. Work for justice and equality. This is another one that benefits from getting centered, as decisions can be harder to make now, and bright shiny objects may be distracting.

Scorpio. The sign of transformation can bring heavy issues to the forefront to be alchemized. Fortunes can shift, too, rather dramatically. But there are quiet moments in which concentration can be intense. This is a good one for sexy times and spicing up your relationship. Thoughts can tend toward the dark side, and old grievances can resurface. Do any spiritual work that comes up during this time. See my article on Conscious Breakdown for more guidance in transforming difficult emotions.

Sagittarius. Have or plan an adventure when the moon is in the lucky sign of the archer. Or make a game out of getting work done. Put yourself in the line of luck. Ask for something you want. Learn or teach something. Play sports or other games. The mood should be mostly light and festive. Downsides are biting off more than you can chew and being scattered and/or impulsive.

Capricorn. This is a good time to strategize. You can get a lot accomplished during this time, and make great strides in networking. But you may also do well on your own. Intuition is strong here, too. Stay centered and on task. You may want to work with timers. Attend to financial and other tangible details. Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Be flexible.

Aquarius. This visionary moon is good for visualizing as well as plotting out your grand vision. Meet with others who share your ideals. Research your next course of action. Lay down the law with others, but try not to step on too many toes. Have deep and important conversations, but keep the stakes low. Remember not everything is black and white.

Pisces. Do yoga, swim or be around water. Be creative. Meditate and do things of a meditative nature. Stay grounded and don’t give it all away. If you can’t give unconditionally, perhaps hold off until you can. All manner of drugs are more potent now. Intuition is heightened. Go with the flow and try not to let anyone harsh your mellow.

Aries. Run, kick-box, or do any kind of vigorous exercise. You may have more energy now. But you may not play as well with others. This is the sign of the lone wolf. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner now. There is much luck here if you trust yourself and forge ahead in the direction you are guided. Make sure you are coming from the right place. Action is favorable to inaction.

Taurus. Connect with the earth. Cook, garden, sculpt, paint. Enjoy good food, appreciate art and delight in nature. Go shopping. Bargains may be made here. Focus on quality materials. Beautify, fortify and optimize your surroundings. Tend to your finances, particularly tangible assets.

Gemini. Write the novel, article, poem or story. Get your ideas out and worry about organizing and editing them later. And write down your brilliant ideas, too. Communicate in a bigger way. Send out the email. Don’t worry about perfection. Your enthusiasm will stand out more than any typos. Move quickly and decisively. But please take some time to meditate. You need it now, lest you get sucked completely into your phone.

As you’ve seen, your fortunes can shift dramatically in the space of only one day. Why do you feel like crap one minute, sure that nothing will ever go your way, then, the very next day, you feel born anew. The moon, which governs the tides has a lot to do with this, as it holds sway over the emotional and spiritual tides as well.

When the moon is in your own moon sign, you will probably be more emotional and may feel a bit down. But I’ve found that just knowing this makes it a lot easier. When the moon is in your moon’s sign (and to a lesser degree, when it’s in your sun sign), everything I just said for each sign goes double. And when your moon is matched by the transiting moon, there is a higher probability of spiritual experiences or awakenings. Pay attention to dreams, hunches and insights that come when you’re walking, cleaning, or otherwise giving your mind a rest. Maybe get a massage or other healing work done.

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