Saturday’s 13 degree Sagittarius full moon will bring the usual full moon drama and added tension, but the lucky vibes from the Taurus new moon of a couple weeks ago are still in effect, although you may have to remind others of what they agreed to, as some of the friendly, helpful and generous feelings have cooled a bit, and you may find some people acting more from fear, particularly in the days around the full moon.

But Sagittarius is all about expansion, not constriction. So coming from fear is really not the way to go now (Not that it ever is). Remember, Sag is ruled by expansive, opportunistic Jupiter, and Jupiter is the planet with the most aspects in this full moon’s chart.

In my last post, I mentioned that even a challenging aspect to Jupiter is mostly lucky, particularly if one can refrain from judgment and snap-decisions that come from fear or anger. Yep, the t-square I mentioned last time is still hanging out. So there will be irritants. Things may start off on the wrong foot. And Jupiter is in Taurus now, so progress may come slower than you might like, but if you are deliberate and mindful in your actions, rewards for your efforts are most likely on the way. Saturn and Jupiter in friendly aspect may even bring long-overdue benefits. Watch who you are drawn to contact now. People you’ve worked with in the past may offer new opportunities.

Intuition is up now for just about everyone. I have definitely noticed this in my sessions, so much that I have been taking an extra few minutes before sessions to make notes on what I want to say about the client’s chart, as my intuitive guidance seems to have its own mind and is off and running as soon as I start talking.

Have you noticed a similar boost in intuition? What about dreams, synchronicities, little nudges from guidance? If so, pay attention. If not, get quiet, spend more time in meditation and meditative pursuits. Be creative and get into the zone. Actually take time to do something creative in the day. Meditation and creation will open up time for you.

Notice when you are constricting, and breathe. Mostly, it’s little stuff. Nothing that important. Align with your purpose and grand vision every day. Let that inform all you do. Jupiter is conjunct the north node, which is the indicator of purpose. This is a powerful combo for those working purposefully with the end game in mind.

My kid is now in the third grade. Thinking back, I remember that this was the time all the drama started. School became stressful. Kids were mean. And now there’s texting, which doesn’t limit the drama to school hours. So we are learning how to pause before reacting, and how to create space around these little dramas. Being centered when responding to someone’s uncentered missive is powerful, and taking time to open to and invite unseen help and guidance into a situation is even more powerful. Another reason I say this is that some of your luck will come from being the adult in the room, and responding in a different way than those not in the know. And you could send them this article 🙂

Another reminder: the two weeks following the full moon are all about releasing, detoxing, decluttering, reducing and eliminating. What habits, triggers, situations, commitments, etc. would you like to release? Focus on what’s in the way, and plan how you will tackle these obstacles.

Communications, again, are very important. With Mercury conjunct Uranus, what you say, write, post, text and email now could have a lasting impact, one way or another. Choose your words and thoughts deliberately, and when you have something powerful to say, make sure to say it in a powerful and certain way. Be centered when hitting send.

Where is this all happening in your chart? Seriously, knowing what Jupiter alone is sparking in your chart will be well worth the price of a session (although, of course, we’ll talk about much more). Jupiter is a multiplier. How can you leverage it to create exponential returns? Let’s talk. And let me know when scheduling if you’d like a month’s worth of your personal lucky times!

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