I’ve been stalling on writing this article, easily distracted by news and social media, and, like most of us, kind of emotional and scattered. But it’s probably no mistake that I’ve been talking about transformation for a long time now. I think (and dearly hope) that as a species, we are on the precipice of a huge change, a movement back to our shared humanity.

Eclipse cycles, like the one that begins with the Sagittarius lunar eclipse on Friday (12:12 p.m. pacific), can accelerate transformational forces already in play. We’ve been talking a lot about Saturn and Pluto, and how this conjunction would characterize the struggles of the year 2020. And while Jupiter has slipped between the two karmic giants like a happy-go-lucky referee, the tension that kicked off the year still smolders.

And speaking of Pluto, don’t forget that the planet of transformation is retrograde now. In my experience, this means that spiritual work and lessons come up to the surface more readily, kind of like fish in a barrel. And epiphanies are easier to come by. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ve had one or more important realizations in recent memory. Take note of this, and use this information for growth and change. This is the time to take the message and run with it, not the time to fall back on old habits.

A full moon is all about tension, and things coming to a boiling point. And a lunar eclipse is a full moon on steroids. But a full moon is all about cleansing and releasing that which is no longer needed. And an eclipse will go a step further and show you exactly what isn’t working, and often will illustrate how to let go.

With most lessons in life, there are often several warnings before you get the big walloping. It’s easier to see this as it plays out on the national stage, which is happening right now.

As I’ve said before, I believe that all the unrest is happening now so that we may clearly see it, acknowledge and own it, so that we may ultimately transform it.

How can each of us be that force for change? If you don’t know already, now is a good time to meditate on it. And even if you do know, meditating on the first step or the next step to take will be valuable.

Remember that many planets are retrograde, notably Jupiter and Venus, which have to do with finances and luck. Tread carefully in these areas, as well as new romance–this is not the best time to commit to exclusivity or marriage.

And speaking of retrogrades, Mercury will turn around on June 17. We’re already in the shadow, so it’s a good time to finalize projects and send them off rather than procrastinating. The storm period will begin on June 9, and take us through July 19, although Mercury retro proper ends on July 12. As always, exercise caution, flexibility, restraint, and always try to budget a little extra time (and money), and don’t forget to maintain centered-ness and a sense of humor. I’ll be talking more about this, and pointing out the bright spots on Facebook.

The biggest troublemaker in this lunar eclipse’s chart turns out to be Mars, the male planet of anger and aggression. which sits in a tense T-square to the sun/moon opposition, and is near-conjunct Neptune, which means that the one who acts in haste is likely seeing things through a distorted lens, and will likely be sorry afterwards. Rushing to judgment and letting your triggered reaction dominate the situation is a mistake now more than ever.

And if we look forward to the next eclipse, a solar eclipse on June 20 in the mothering, nurturing sign of Cancer (at zero degrees, which makes it even more powerful), there is hope that we are making progress, after upheaval, in healing the wounds that we are seeing now.

And beyond that, the lunar eclipse on the birthdate of the United States, July 4, will bring more change that once again may be painful to go through, but, in my opinion, with a carefully-measured teaspoon of hope, it will be the impetus we need to really begin the work of transformation.

For more, join me for a chat about the lunar eclipse on Facebook Live on Friday, June 5 at 5:00 p.m. pacific.

And I will be hosting a New Moon Circle on Saturday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. pacific via Zoom. We will discuss this new moon as well as the full eclipse cycle, and how each of the signs can best navigate these events, and we’ll do a fabulous energy-sending meditation to impress our intentions on higher consciousness. Admission will be a $20 donation to Feeding America. Please email me to RSVP.



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