Let’s start where we are. I’m writing this article a bit in advance of the Tuesday, December 12th Sagittarius new moon (21 degrees Sag, 3:31 p.m. pacific) for a few reasons.

One is that we are in a very productive “wrapping up” period following the recent full moon in Gemini. If you read my last article, you may remember I titled it “Changing the Conversation”. I challenged you to start thinking of all the ways you communicate now and how you would like to make improvements and refinements. And since the two weeks following a full moon are all about paring down to the essentials, I challenged you to release anything that was holding you back in the very wide arena of communications.

I hope you were able to do at least some work in this spirit, as a new moon, especially one that combines harmonious and energetic qualities such as the upcoming Sagittarius new moon, gives us a perfect opportunity to implement new ways of communicating once some of the old ones are cleared out. And the addition of a Mercury retro–which happens the same day–to the mix only makes it more interesting.

So we’ve got a few days before Mercury goes retro to get busy cleaning, clearing and releasing in advance of the new moon. Yep, Mercury will go retro again. This happens officially on December 12, the same day as the Sag new moon, although the storm period starts on December 9. This just means that Mercury is “slowing down” in preparation for the retro, so things are starting to get a bit muddled.

But here’s the good news: this looks like a very positive new moon. And if it weren’t for the retro, I would call it a “green light” new moon. So let’s call it a flashing yellow light new moon. You can still move ahead, but do so with a bit more caution, and a little less haste.

I’ve spoken about lunations (full and new moons) which were like raging parties, with all the planets in aspect, so everything was moving, some elements in harmony, some not. This is not like that.

In fact, it looks very harmonious, and just energetic enough to be interesting. The aspects are fewer this time around, with some planets stepping away from the action. These are Mars, Saturn and Uranus, three planets that often like to present as, respectively, aggression, obstacles and disruptions.

And although Mercury goes retro shortly after the new moon, the planet of communications and commerce is well-aspected on both sides, from the benefics Jupiter and Venus no less, which tells me that although there could be irritations, miscommunications, and the like, chances are they won’t have too devastating or far-reaching of consequences. In fact, with Jupiter and Venus chiming in, greater understandings and resets are possible in relationships where there have been difficulties. In fact, those very difficulties could provide openings for deeper connection.

And speaking of Jupiter and Venus, while they are in opposition, you may recall that Jupiter makes any aspect a good aspect. The only time Jupiter is really a problem is the too-much-of-good-thing syndrome. So, for those who struggle with excesses, this could be challenging. But who among us lost a bet predicting over-spending, food comas and hangovers during the holiday season?

Back to Mercury. I’m not the only astrologer who has suggested that Mercury retro–which goes until New Year’s Day, and is out of its storm period by January 7–can bring creative solutions and other expressions of ingenuity. And then there’s that quality of reversibility that you don’t get during a non-retro period, so many of its mishaps can be unwound. Yes, this can be painstaking, but all is usually not lost.

And though the moon is in shoot-from-the hip Sag, Mercury retros in cautious Capricorn, so perhaps more missteps will be prevented by Capricornian restraint.

So suffice it to say that this new moon will be a lovely party for the most part. Mercury retro will keep it interesting, and some of the bad boys will actually be a bit better behaved, if they show up at all.

But let’s get ready for the party now. Clean, clear, release, complete. But don’t worry if you don’t get it all done, as the next full moon comes in on December 26, which will also be good for emotional release and house-cleaning.

Have a very happy and festive holiday, whatever and however you celebrate.

And if you want to know where exactly this all happens in your unique chart, and how to make it even better, let’s talk! I have very limited availability in December, as I will be taking time off after December 14 and will be off for most of the month.

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